How To Straighten Curly Hair : 4 Heat Free Ways

We know as we all adore natural curls, but everyone wants hairstyle variation at some point. It’s totally fine to ditch your curls for a few days.

But the question is how to straighten curly hair in the right way? Just relax and keep on reading to find out all the possible ways to straighten your curly hairs.

How To Straighten Curly Hair Ways

Curl hair can have several textures, and before switching from curly to straight hair you need to know certain facts about them. The 3 basic curly textures of hair – wavy, coily, and curly.

Wavy or curly hair straightening is easier than coily hair straightening. Keep on scrolling to find out how to straighten curly hair without any damage.

How To Straighten Curly Hair With A Flat Iron

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Step #1: Wash Your Hairs

Curl hair seems to be more susceptible to frizz therefore requires a gentle shampoo and a nourishing deep conditioner to avoid damage. To prepare your hair strands for straightening, wash your hair with a frizz-fighting shampoo and use lukewarm water to condition them.

As hot water may remove all moisture and natural hair oil, always rinse your hair with lukewarm water. You must use hair care products that are soft to your hair and can avoid harm from straightening devices.

Step #2: Detangle Your Hairs

Because the curly hair loses moisture fast and gets dry, your hair becomes messy and tangled. Before you straighten curly hair you should always get a round of detangling. After all, you’re aiming for the most smooth possible locks. Take a wide-tooth comb and slide it from ends to roots through your strands.

Step #3: Use Heat Protectant

Those with moderate wavy or straight hair occasionally let the hair dry before using a straightener, but people with curly hair should always choose to dry, damp hair instead.

Yeah, that means more exposure to heat. Since this type of hair is so susceptible to overdrying and breakage, you must add another protection to the fragile locks. That’s why before using a blowdryer apply a heat protectant to your hairs.

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Step #4: Blow Dry

Blow-drying might take extra time if you have thick, curly hair. Take a blowdryer and a round bristle brush and section your hairs, so that you can concentrate on drying a single part at a time.

Slowly brush the area while you blow-dry it. Just use a low heat dryer to keep your hair exposed to as little as possible heat. Before going to the next step, ensure your hair is fully dry.

Step #5: Grab Your Flat Iron

Just similar to the previous step, separate your hair into a small section and secure it with claw clips. Put your curly hair straightener on the lowest feasible temperature setting, note that the aim is to straighten each part of hair simply with one or two swipes.

Run the flat iron plates over your strands once your hot tool is ready.

Step #6: Utilize Chase Method

You have to utilize the Chase method when your straightener does not give you poker-straight locks. It gives you the desired results you want. You should use a rat-tail comb and a straightener in this technique simultaneously to make your hair straighter.

It works to reach every hair strand and minimizes the amount of heat you use. Furthermore, using this straightening process you should be able to smooth your hair.

Put the rat-tail comb under(one or two inches) your roots, and place the flat iron just above it. Comb your hair and run through the plates to straighten your locks simultaneously.

Step #7: Spritz Hairspray

Use a volumizing spray on the roots, before straightening every section, if you want a much fuller look. Use a little quantity of hair serum (works great on thick, coarse hair) or a spray (works better on normal or fine hair) to make your appearance polished.

Note: It may weigh your hair down and make it greasy with too many hair leave treatments.

How To Straighten Curly Hair Without Heat

A girl with straight hair

A stretching method is the most protective way to straighten hair. It’s very pliable while your hair is wet and generally becomes dry in whatever form shape it is pulled into. There are several techniques of no-heat straightening that use this concept. Let’s have a look:

Method #1: How To Straighten Curly Hair With Banding

This might be the cheapest and easiest technique of hair stretching.

  • Wash, condition & detangle the hair before you start with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Simply split wet hair into 4 (or more) parts and tie a pony band around each portion to form four tight ponytails near the head.
  • For every pony, keep tying elastics along the entire hair length, by pulling and stretching them as you go.
  • You’ll have smoother, stretched-out hair when you take out the hair elastics.

Method #2: How To Straighten Curly Hair With Rollers

Apply rollers to wet hair is the best method to use them. When it comes to selecting the ideal rollers, the texture of your hair and the appearance should be considered. The more thick your hair is, the larger the roller is required.

  • Apply heat protectant to your hairs and section them in small portions.
  • Roll up every portion and, if necessary, secure rollers with pins.
  • Once your hair is rolled, let it air-dry or use a cap blow-dryer in low/ medium heat (depending on your hair texture and length).
  • Before you remove the rollers, ensure that the hairs are completely dry.

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Method #3: How To Straighten Curly Hair With Threading

The African Threading technique can be used as an alternative, in which a thread is wrapped around portions of the hair to extend it, similarly to the Banding method.

Method #4: How To Straighten Curly Hair With Bun

If you are one who has loosely curled hair, bunning is a pretty efficient way to straighten your hair.

  • For this procedure, you have to start with damp hair.
  • Then put your hair in a ponytail, turn it into a rope.
  • Now wrap the ponytail around it to make a bun.
  • Tie the bun with an elastic band.
  • Before pulling out the bun, let it fully air dry.


Straightening hair with a flat iron is easy to perform while straightening curly hair without heat demands a lot of experimentation. But now you know how to straighten curly hair without heat and with heat process.

Some ways work well on dry hair, while others work best on wet hair, some are easier to accomplish, while others seem smoother.

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