How To Use Leave In Conditioner : 5 Quick Steps

For a very significant reason, Conditioner is one of our preferred hair wash-day items. With so many conditioners in the market, you might be wondering what is a leave in conditioner? and most important how can I use that for my hair.

Keep on reading to find out how to use leave in conditioner in the right way. This is a very easy task, as long as you will follow the right steps. But before that let’s understand what is leave in conditioner.

What Is Leave In Conditioner?

what is leave in conditioner

A leave-in conditioner is a moisturizing hair product that adds moisture and locks it in so that the hair stays hydrated for a longer time. Leave in conditioner is used before any styling and after a shower while the hair is still damp.

It is also suitable for use before washing hair, however, hair is more absorbent while wet, so this is a perfect opportunity to give your hair an additional shot of good things.

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How To Use Leave In Conditioner : Step By Step Guide

Ready to hydrate your hair? This is a step-by-step hair treatment process that will improve the feel and look of your locks for all hair types.

Step #1: Wash Your Hair

Always start with hair wash. Use your preferred shampoo as well as a conditioner and wash your hair as usual.

Pro Tip: Rinse your hair with warm water if you have low porosity hair, this aids to open the cuticle as much as possible

Step #2: Towel-Dry Your Hair

how to apply leave in conditioner
A girl Wrapping towel on head

When it’s wet; hair is more Porous, therefore you have to make it damp and not dripping. Note that wet hairs are fragile and more susceptible to breakage, so be careful with them.

Step #3: Section Your Hair

Divide your hair according to your hair length or split them into 3-5 sections. If you have curly hairs then you should follow this step, otherwise, you can skip this step.

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Step #4: Apply Leave-In Conditioner

Apply the leave in conditioner to each segment by proceeding from the ends to the roots. If you have a spray, focus the spray on the center and ends of your hair from about an arm’s length away.

You can also spray your hands and comb your hair with your fingers. Just skip spraying your roots; as the root hairs are fresh and do not need moisture. No need to wash it off, because it’s a left-in conditioner.

Step #5: Brush Through

A wide-tooth comb works well. Always begin with the ends and work your way up, it will put a stop to tangles from collecting and becoming a huge knot. Giving your hair a gentle comb through distributing the product so that no untreated strand is left.

Pro Tip: You don’t need to brush through if you have curly hair, just go for leave in conditioner cream for best results.


Leave-In is a promising tool for any type of hair. Ideal to smooth out your damaged hair, dry or frizzy hair, and to maintain the locks silky. Now you know how to use a leave in conditioner to make your hair hydrated, just give it a try.


Can you use leave in conditioner everyday?

Do not use your leave in conditioner everyday. Your hair needs a break from regular shampoos and daily conditioning. It might produce a nasty buildup, and perhaps do more damage than good.

How often use leave in conditioner?

Using use leave in conditioner once a week will be a great option, as an excess of anything can harm you. Use it more frequently if you have dry, curly, or damaged hair.

Can I sleep with leave in conditioner?

Yes, the leave in conditioner will stay in your hair since your next hair wash. Because you don't need to rinse your hair after applying for the leave in conditioner.

Do you use leave in conditioner after regular conditioner?

Yes, you can use the leave in conditioner after your regular conditioner. You can use both if your hairs are damaged or dry, it all your choice.

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