8 Easy Methods On How To Curl Your Hair

Curl hair is one of the hairstyles that never go out of trend. There are extremely simple methods to obtain those waves if you haven’t naturally been gifted with them. But how to curl your hair without any hassle?

If you have found a way to use the curling wand simply and consistently, hats off to you. Don’t sweat if you haven’t. You may learn how to hop, beach bends without even selecting a hot instrument.

How To Curl Your Hair : 8 Easy Ways

A girl using hair curler

With advancements in hair care and heat styling technologies, you may curl your hair in numerous ways. The only possibilities for curling hair in the past were curling iron and hot rollers.

Now, there are numerous varieties of high-tech hair curling appliances. Also, there are multiple ways for people who desire a heat-free approach to curl their hair. Let’s not talk too much and learn how to curl your hair in all possible ways.

Method #1: How to Curl Hair With a Straightener or Flat Iron

  • It is essential to section hair equally, regardless of the curling method or tool you use, especially when you have layered hair. If not, you may eventually get curls in various forms or sizes.
  • Hold your flat iron close to the roots of a 1-inch-wide section of hair.
  • Twist the iron away and slide the iron down to the ends.
  • Repeat the same on the remaining portions.

Method #2: How to Curl Your Hair With a Curling Wand

A girl curling hairs

A curling wand that does not have clamps generates loose curls and waves.

  • Start by spraying the dry shampoo on hair roots. This gives your hair a certain texture so that your curling wand gets something to grasp. Spray it to your roots and massage it with your fingertips as you go. After you have done, brush your hair.
  • Split the hair in half, and place it into a clip on one side, so that it remains a part. Warm-up curling wand.
  • Pick up a 1-inch hair portion from the back and wrap it around the wand. Hold it for 15 seconds, however, your wand and hair texture will determine the actual duration. My hair is very straight, therefore I have to stay longer than others.
  • Repeat the same process on another half of the hairs.

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Method #3: How to Curl Your Hair With Rollers

How many of you have seen hair rollers before? These rollers were the key to success when it came to curling hair before the hair curler was invented. Here are the techniques for both kind of hair rollers:

Using Hot Rollers

  • Ensure that your hair is dry and brushed out, and if there are multiple, select the largest roller from the package.
  • Take a 1-inch segment of hair and wind the strands around the roller towards your roots, starting with the hair’s end until everything is wrapped around it.
  • Do the same for the remaining hair and let the rollers cool before they unwinding.

Using Velcro Or Foam Rollers

  • Blow-dry hair with a round brush in small sections and twist each around the roller once dry. This enables the hair to cool down as you go to the other sections.
  • Repeat the same on rest of the hairs.
  • Once all parts have been placed in rollers, spritz them with hair spray to set the bend then wait for a few minutes to unwind each. To help them achieve their shape and bounce leave them as long as possible, if you have time.

Method #4: How to Curl Your Hair With Braids

This is one of the easiest methods in our how to curl your hair technique list.

  • Take a shower before going to bed and dry your hair.
  • Then place them in loose braids.
  • When you wake up, you may release your hair from the braids, and then brush it with a wide brush or wide-toothed comb to split the curls.
  • Just try to braid as near as possible to the bottom so you don’t have a lot of uncurled hair.

Method #5: How to Curl Your Hair With Headband

It’s incredibly simple to curl your hair overnight with a normal headband. This approach does not produce tight rolls so much as it does loose waves.

  • Pick a stretchy headband then place it on as you normally do.
  • Take hair strands and loop them over your headband as much as necessary for your hair’s length.
  • Take the hair out of the headband in the morning, and slide your fingers through the hairs to separate the curls.

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Method #6: How to Curl Your Hair With T-Shirt Hair Halo

This approach is much like the headband method, except rather of smooth waves, it tends to bouncy, ring-like curls.

  • Pick a T-shirt then twist it around hairs till It forms a rope.
  • Knot the ends of the rope with a hair tie.
  • Just place it on your head.
  • Now pick up a part of the hair from the front and wind it around the halo.
  • After it is completely wound up, wait till it’s dry and remove the halo.
  • You can separate the curls with your fingers to protect your curls.

Method #7: How to Curl Your Hair With Twists

A toilet paper, a pipe cleaner, or even clean baby wipes or makeup wipes may be used for a twist. This works best for thinner and shorter hair since the amount of effort would rapidly get you overwhelmed.

  • Just take a tiny part of your hair, roll it up from the bottom in the twisting stuff.
  • Just tie the twist-off when you reach the height you want your curl to begin.
  • Repeat the same with the rest of the hair strands.
  • Let it dry naturally or dry with no heat setting using a blow dryer.
  • Unwind all the twists and to separate the curls use your fingers.

Method #8: How to Curl Your Hair With French Braid

A French braid is an excellent technique to curl your hair. While a regular braid just curls up your hair from the nape of your neck downward, a French braid may curl up close to your scalp.

Make sure that you make two French braids, one on every side, to achieve optimum results else you might end up with an uneven curl that follows along the midline of your scalp.


While heat treatment is a fast and simple technique to produce curls, but you may not want to do it every day. Instead, you should always attempt some other great choices as now you know how to curl your hair in multiple ways.

Who knows? You may discover that one of these you enjoy more than the others.

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