Conch Piercing : Pain, Healing Time, Cost And Aftercare

Conch piercings are an ear-piercing trend that is taking over Instagram. Conch piercings have been around for a while, but these days they are becoming increasingly popular

But what exactly are they? And why are they so popular? We break down everything you’ve ever wanted to know about conch piercings, including the pain level, cost, healing time, and so on.

The conch is the inside portion of your ear, and it is divided into two main regions: the inner and outer conch, respectively. In general, the lower half of the conch is called the inner conch, while the upper half is called the outer conch.

What is a Conch Piercing?

what is outer conch piercing
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It’s one of the most customizable ear piercings since it’s placed in the middle of the ear, where there’s the maximum room. Depending on the shape of your ear, you might get either an inner or an outer conch piercing.

The inner conch piercing involves making a hole in the middle of the ear to fit a stud. In the outer conch , an earring is placed around the cartilage’s outside edge (hello, hoop earrings).

In order to determine whether you want to pierce your inner or outer conch, there are additional piercing variants to consider(double or triple conch).

Double Or Triple Conch

Middle ear cartilage can be customized with a double or triple conch. It is possible to stack piercings one on top of each other or horizontally, depending on your preference.

You should determine whether or not you want more than one conch pierced before you get your first conch so that you can plan out how your conch cluster will appear. In order to simplify your aftercare, you should only get one at a time.

Pain and Healing Time

Let’s move to a further step if you want conch piercing for yourself. A conch piercing’s pain level and healing time depend on a variety of circumstances. Let’s discuss this in detail.

How bad do conch piercings hurt?

Piercing the conch is no more painful than piercing any other cartilage. In general, cartilage piercings, as well as conch piercings, are roughly equal in terms of pain. Most individuals should be able to handle it, even though it will pain more than a lobe piercing.

But a dermal punch, which lets you wear earrings with a larger gauge, maybe quite painful since the piercing removes tissue to produce a larger hole. Dermal punch leaves a permanent mark that is noticeable even when you’re not wearing jewelry.

How Long Does It Take For A Conch Piercing To Heal?

As with any cartilage piercing, conch piercing heal in roughly the same amount of time. A conch piercing can take anywhere between 6 months to 12 months to heal entirely, based on the location of the piercing and the weight of the jewels.

Your piercing will need to be cleaned with salt water or mild soap (no alcohol or scent, please) two to three times a day throughout this period. To prevent infection, avoid touching your conch while it heals.

Note: Always get the advice of a piercer before discontinuing any aftercare procedures.

Cost Of Conch Piercing

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In the same way as any piercing, the cost of the conch piercing is highly dependent on a number of factors. You’ll pay more in a major metropolitan area than in a small town.

Most conch piercings cost between $35 and $70. The cost of a dermal punch maybe a little more, but it should still be around $80, even at an experienced piercer’s shop. Begin your conch journey on the right foot by choosing a quality conch piercer.

Note: Never go with a piercer who uses a piercing gun. They’re likely inexperienced, and the piercing gun might cause harm to your ear.

Why You Should Consider Getting One?

It’s possible to get a piercing in the upper lobe or helix, as well as any other type of piercing. A conch, on the other hand, gives greater prominence and style. Reasons to get a conch piercing in case you’re still on the fence.

1. It’s a Hot Trend

No matter what sort of style you choose to wear, conch piercing is quite popular these days. A conch piercing can help you achieve this amazing appearance with a few subtle yet bold statement pieces.

In these modern times, a haircut or color change isn’t enough to completely transform your appearance. Instead, you should consider getting a conch piercing, which may add an enigmatic feature to your face without truly changing it.

2. Highly Visible and Prominent

Some of us desire the most prominent ear piercing style possible, one that grabs others’ attention. This can be gained with a conch piercing. While a conch piercing doesn’t attract as much attention as a daith, it still stands out, so you may get a beautiful look with less jewelry.

3. Various Jewelry Options

Lastly, you have many jewelry options to select from with a conch piercing. You may choose between an inner and an outer piercing, but there are also a variety of jewelry designs to choose from. On certain days, you may want to wear a cuff, while on others, you may want to wear diamond earrings.

Aftercare For Conch Piercing

Every time you pierce the cartilage, you run the danger of inflaming or infecting it. After a piercing, it’s important to take good care of it.

1. Keep It Clean

You should clean the piercing at least twice a day, using sterile saline solution, and avoid manipulating or fiddling with the piercing. Maintain a clean and infection-free environment by doing the task in the most sterile manner.

2. Avoid Side Sleeping

While it’s healing, you’ll need to avoid sleeping on the pierced side if you are a side sleeper. Otherwise, This might cause irritation and slow down the healing process. Anyone interested in having a new piercing should do their research before picking a piercer, and should always follow the aftercare instructions.


A piercing can be painful, and it takes a long time for it to heal. It’s still a fantastic feeling to think that all your outfit needs is a unique piercing to give it a fresh new appeal, and you have the appropriate piercing to accomplish the job.

Try a conch piercing if you’re searching for something fresh and bold. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your looks.

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