How To Get Slime Out Of Hair : 6 Easy Methods

For kids ages 3 and above, slime is among the most popular playthings. But it can become a nightmare for parents, right?

But don’t stress!

Keep on reading to find out how to get slime out of hair without any hassle. It is simpler to get rid of some types of slime than others, but not all. But it’s not an impossible task, you just need the right guide.

let’s have a quick overview of what is slime, Before learning the tricks to remove slime.

What Is Slime?

what is slime
Person holding slime

When it comes to cleaning slime, knowing what’s slime is beneficial. A jelly-like colored material with a thick texture gives a feeling of glue. First created in 1976, guar gum was used to make slime. Borax, glue, baking soda, and food coloring are used to make homemade slime.

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6 Easy Methods On How To Get Slime Out Of Hair

Anyone would panic if they found a mass of this jelly-like material in their own or someone else’s hair. However, slime in hair is not a cause for concern. You can use one of the following techniques to remove slime from your hair.

Method #1: How To Get Slime Out Of Hair With Conditioner

Now you know what is slime and what is slime made of, lets learn how to get slime out of hair without any hassle. The easiest approach to eliminate slime from your hair is to take with conditioner.

Taking a long hot shower and massaging your scalp can remove all of the slime particles from your hair, as well as any oil and residue.

  • Start by washing your hair in a hot shower and let your hair soak for a few minutes. Use a high setting to blast off as much slime as possible.
  • Using your nails, scrape the slime off your hair and scalp. As the slime builds up beneath your fingernails, remember to remove it.
  • From top to bottom, apply a generous amount of conditioner to your hair.
  • Remove the slime by gently combing your wet and conditioned hair.
  • Once all the slime has been removed, rinse the conditioner with warm water to remove any slime residue.
  • Repeat these steps if any slime traces are still visible.

Method #2: How To Get Slime Out Of Hair With Vinegar

From pores and skincare to tone hair naturally and other hair care, vinegar has emerged as a highly well-liked beauty product. You may use white, distilled vinegar, or apple cider vinegar.

  • Make a mixture of vinegar and water in a 2: 0.5 ratio.
  • The vinegar might hurt your eyes if it gets into them, so be sure to wear goggles.
  • If the quantity of slime is high, remove as much as you can with your hands.
  • It is important to apply vinegar to all affected areas and massage it into your hair. If the slime is on the tip of the hair, it is acceptable to dip the hair into the vinegar.
  • Keep pouring (or dipping) the vinegar into the hair and massaging it until the slime is gone to almost nothing.
  • Now wash your hair with conditioner.
  • You can use a fine-toothed comb to get rid of the ultimate slime. Be careful not to pull any hairs throughout this process. Nobody wants it to happen.
  • Rinse well and let them dry.

Method #3: How To Get Slime Out Of Hair With Peanut Butter

A container of peanut butter is one of those lifesavers that you’d like to keep on hand at all times. Peanut butter not only eliminates chewing gum from hair, but it’s also the greatest way to remove slime from your hair.

  • As a first step, put the peanut butter all over your head, and then massage your scalp with it. For best results, let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Thoroughly comb out all hair to eliminate slime with a comb. Every time you use the comb, make sure you clean it well.
  • Use shampoo and warm water to eliminate any traces from your hair.

Note: As soon as you remove the slime, take a shower. Otherwise, you’ll smell like peanut butter.

Method #4: How To Get Slime Out Of Hair With Mayonnaise

It is possible to use a variety of different oil products, including mayonnaise to remove slime from hairs. It also provides a number of hair-healthy advantages.

  • Use some mayonnaise on the hair and gently massage it into the hair, making sure to reach all afflicted sections.
  • While gently combing, wipe away any slime that comes out. Keep combing the hair gently until all slime has been removed from the hair.
  • Grab your shampoo, massage it into your hair, and then rinse it off with water.

Method #5: How To Get Slime Out Of Hair With Coke

how to get slime out of hair with coke
Bottles of coca cola

If you’re not fond of vinegar’s odor, try coke(soda) instead. As it includes citric acid, it has a similar effect as vinegar. All sodas include phosphoric, citric, or carbonic acid, it doesn’t have to be Coca-cola.

  • Put your hair in some coke and let it stay for a few minutes before rinsing it off.
  • As a result, Coke will loosen up glue and help in removing slime.
  • As usual, condition and wash your hair with warm water.

Method #6: How To Get Slime Out Of Hair With Clarifying Shampoo

Shampoos with clarifying properties are distinct from regular shampoos. Their surfactants function as steroids and are used to remove residues left by shampoo and hot water deposits.

  • To remove the slime, wash the hair with hot or warm water.
  • On the palms of your hands, take a sufficient amount of clarifying shampoo and rub them together.
  • Massage gently into the hair, addressing all affected regions.
  • Rinse out thoroughly.

Tip: You can use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair moisturized. It helps to reduce tangles that may have been produced by the clarifying shampoo.


Even if the slime is difficult to remove from your hair, but it’s not an impossible task. As this entire list demonstrates, even slime-purging can be a fun process if you know how to get slime out of hair in the right way.

Your favorite remedies are welcome in the comments section.

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