How To Get Gum Out Of Hair At Home : 10 Effective Methods

Did the gum ever get stuck in your hair accidentally, while you enjoyed it thoroughly? When we were a teenager, it happened to almost all of us.

If you’re wondering how to get gum out of hair, then cheers. Today is your lucky day. There are techniques to remove gum from your hair successfully without cutting your hair!

The first thing to remember is, don’t panic and tug your fingers on the hair to get your gum out. It can simply stretch the gum further and make problems worse.

Read further about removing gum from your hair without cutting it or creating additional damage.

Methods On How To Get Gum Out Of Hair At Home

how to remove gum from hair
Girl chewing gum

The gum you eat sometimes could also be stuck on your eyebrows and eyelashes. Although it may sound difficult, efficient home solutions are available to remove gum from these locations. Below are some of the easiest possible solutions:

Method #1: Cooking Oils

The American Academy of Dermatology states that oil is one of the greatest means for eliminating gum extremely appropriate for gum eyebrows or eyelashes.

You may use whatever kind of oil you have at your home: cooking oil, olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, and any oil you like. Oil works by neutralizing the stickiness and it’s a fantastic choice since it won’t hurt your hair.


  • Wet your fingertips thoroughly with oil or pour some directly into the region.
  • Use your fingers to coat the area with oil.
  • Let the oil neutralize its stickiness for a few minutes.
  • Without struggling, you can effortlessly remove the gum from your hair or eyebrows and eyelashes.

Method #2: Ice Cubes

Yeah, it may also help to remove the gum out of your hair, as easy as ice stocked up in your refrigerator. While the oils make the gum less sticky, it may be done with less messiness using an ice pack.


  • Create an ice pack at home and place it on the gum directly.
  • You can simply remove it once it freezes and hardens.

Note: Be mindful of the fact that vegetable oil is the best bet for a bigger piece of gum in your hair. Only in case of extremely minor affected areas, use an ice pack to remove the gum.

Method #3: Baking Soda

It is used quite often for cleaning since it neutralizes the bonds and eliminates sticky residues from any surface.


  • Produce a thick paste by mixing some baking soda in a bowl with water.
  • Apply this paste to your hair to loosen the gum.

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Method #4: Vinegar

A perfect answer to “how to get gum out of hair” is vinegar. Plain old white vinegar is slightly acidic and a superb home solvent to remove gum from the hair.


  • Soak the affected region with vinegar to eliminate gum from the hair.
  • Hold on and wait a couple of minutes as vinegar loosens the gum.
  • Then use a wide-toothed comb to take the gum out from your hair gently.

Note: Please ensure you wait until the vinegar softens the sticky gum for the correct period. Then clean the gum with a comb.

Method #5: Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is one of the tried and tested remedies to get gum out hair. Almost all of us have it in our home and it accomplishes the job of removing the sticky issue.

The oil in peanut butter breaks down the adhesive characteristics and makes peanut butter the perfect lubricant if you wonder how it works.

The gum sticks more easily to the oils than to hair protein when you are using peanut butter.


  • Apply peanut butter to hair strands presently wrapped in bubble gum.
  • Gently coat the gum and work into the mess.
  • A few minutes later, gum begins to break and will become easier to remove.

Note: You will probably have to take a shower when you’re finished unless you don’t mind that your hair smells like a sandwich.

Method #6: Toothpaste

get gum out of hair with toothpaste
a girl showing toothpaste and toothbrush

You probably have come to terms with the incredible advantages of toothpaste in maintaining your gums white and healthy. Were you aware that toothpaste is also an excellent home remedy for the removal of gum from the hair?


  • Put some toothpaste on a ball of cotton and then cover the gum stuck in your hair with toothpaste.
  • You may also use old toothpaste to accomplish this.
  • Wait a few minutes for gum to become harder and less sticky while using toothpaste.
  • Then remove the gum from your hair with a wide-toothed chair brush effortlessly.

Method #7: Mayonnaise

If you prefer to rub food into your hair, but don’t like peanut butter, maybe Mayonnaise is the answer for how to get gum out of hair?

Mayonnaise has high oil and fat content and will make gum slick that can help you to get gum out of hairs.


  • Apply a generous amount of Mayonnaise with your fingers and massage it into the gum.
  • Let it work for a couple of minutes.
  • Try removing the gum from your hair gently.

Method #8: Vaseline

Good old Vaseline is another thing that you have in your house. It is a reliable way to tackle the issue. Vaseline is mainly a petroleum jelly that is a combination of natural waxes and mineral oils.


  • Put petroleum jelly on a cotton ball and apply it to the gum and around the affected region to cover the gum completely.
  • Before attempting to get gum out of hair, wait for a few minutes.

Method #9: Hair Mousse

Hair mousse is another lubricant you certainly will have in your home. That’s why this is listed in our how to get gum out of hair methods list.


  • Hair mousse or even hair spray can work well to remove gum from the hair.
  • Spray in your hands or simply into the affected region, make sure it does not get into the eyes.
  • These things should help you to remove your gum out of your hair: comb, toothbrush, or finger.

Method #10: Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol acts to neutralize the tackiness of chewing gum by breaking down the polymers of the gum, which will help you to remove it from your hair.


  • Pour a little alcohol over the afflicted region, or on a pad or cloth and soak thoroughly throughout the region.
  • Allow the alcohol to rub for a few seconds and try to slightly get gum out of hair.

When I Have Gum In My Hair, What Should I Not Do?

  • Don’t start tugging your hair with your hands, as this may increase the amount of hair covered with gum.
  • Make sure you do not allow the gum to spread and get stuck further by gently isolating the affected hair strands.
  • After having treatments such as butter and vegetable oils always wash your hair. After all, you don’t want to smell like these meals!


The use of vegetable oil or butter for removing gum from the hair is one of the easiest and most efficient home solutions. Don’t stress about gum stuck in your hair, brows, or eyelashes.

Despite every attempt, you must set up a meeting with a hairstylist or dermatologist quickly if you still have any concerns about your hair.

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