How To thin Nail Polish : 4 Secret Methods

You have ever gone back to your favorite shade and it became so thick that you couldn’t apply it? Isn’t it heartbreaking? Yes, it is!

Instead of throwing your favorite nail polish away, you can make it thin. Wondering, how to thin nail polish at home? Well, the good news is that we have come up with the solutions to fix thick nail polish. Also, you can make your own nail polish at home.

How To Thin Nail Polish At Home

how to thin out nail polish
A women Showing Nail polish

Here’s how to thin a clumpy, thick, and tough to apply nail polish. These procedures are an adequate alternative to restore your original polish consistency.

1. Try A Nail Polish Thinner

This is the finest way on how to thin nail polish and restore the consistency of your nail polish without damaging the product. Many nail paint companies usually have their thinners, from which you can choose.

  • You may use an eyedropper to add one or two drops to the bottle at a time.
  • Screw the bottle cap and rub it between your hands to blend the formula with the nail polish. Since air bubbles might impact consistency, avoid shaking the bottle.
  • Test the polish consistency on the nail.
  • If it is not accurate, add another drop and try again. But be sure that do not add too much.

2. Mix The Polish

If the product is a little thicker, mix your nail polish gently. Ensure that the bottle is sealed and tilt it downward. Roll it a couple of minutes between your hands.

This helps to warm up and thin out the polish appropriately. Remember that shaking is not the way, since it causes bubbles. It can also thicken the product, so shake at your own risk.

3. Hot Water Fix

how to thin thick nail polish with hot water
A women holding water pot

Here is how you can thin nail paint using things you have already at home:

  • Immerse your dried nail paint bottle in a dish filled with warm water.
  • Leave the bottle for roughly 3 minutes in the water.
  • Roll the bottle in between the palms lightly and shake the polish. It also helps to loosen the cap of a nail paint bottle that is hard to open.

4. Add Pure Acetone

If you run out of nail polish thinner, you may also use pure acetone as a final option. The secret is to use only one drop of acetone since the nail polish breaks down and reduces its life.

  • Just use 1 or 2 drops of pure acetone then squeeze it into your polish.
  • If after the second pump your polish seems dry, add another drop.
  • Rub the bottle between the palms and let the blend develop on its own. Acetone penetrates the entire bottom and will revive your color.

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How To Use Alcohol To Thin Nail Polish

To be honest, the most important and best technique on how to thin nail polish is to choose a thinner particularly designed to thin polishes.

But if you cannot use a nail polish thinner for some reason, your next best alternative is to use some isopropyl alcohol to thin out your polish.

  • Firstly, use an eyedropper to add one or two drops of isopropyl alcohol to the bottle.
  • Then shake your polish vigorously.
  • Then look at the polish to determine whether it’s more consistent.
  • Now you may add a little extra alcohol and shake it again if it’s not good enough.
  • Finally, let it settle for 20 minutes before you apply after your polish is in perfect consistency.

How can you prevent your nail polish from drying out?

However, the best approach to take care of your polishes is to take steps to prevent this problem. Here are several methods to care for and prevent your polishes from being too thick:

  • Keep the bottle in the cool dark with such a constant, not too cold or hot temperature.
  • Avoid places like bathrooms because with the showers and the humid atmosphere, the temperature changes constantly.
  • Keep it out of direct heat and sunshine as most of the formulas are flammable.
  • Keep the bottle on the shelf or drawer upright.
  • Ensure that you are gentle with your polish. Vigorous shaking will cause bubbles, and even all your nails will not be seen with your polished coating.
  • A cotton ball or Q-tip should be used with a bit of nail polishing remover. This pair helps you to scrub your cap and to eliminate the dried portions at the top of the tube.
  • Nail polish has its own shelf life just like makeup. If it is too sludge-like, simply throw the bottles and get peace with it.
  • You could save it by thinning nail polish if you couldn’t stop your polish from over-drying.


Everything has an expiry date, and if the nail polish becomes too sludgy, then you have to through it. So if it doesn’t blend anything you do given above on how to thin nail polish guide, it is time to throw it out.

Most nail polishes survive for two years, but a few months before that their formula starts to break. In case if the nail polish has gone goopy before the expiry date, you may try to thin it using a few expert techniques.

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