How To Detangle Hair Knots Without Harming Them

Have you ever been so annoyed with your tangled hair that you just want to cut out the knots? Of course, that’s why you are here. Don’t worry I will tell you how to detangle hair quickly.

Anyway, torture through tangles is an unwanted sort of pain that is completely preventable. You can simply remove any knots without split hair with the correct equipment and a little know-how. But let’s learn what causes tangled hair?

What Causes Hair Tangling?

knots in hair
A Women with Tangled hairs

A knot occurs when two strands of hair wrap and become intertwined. When a few strands are stuck together, the knot can get larger and more difficult to remove.

Knots can also form if you rub your hair with specific surfaces, such as towels, sheets, or pillowcases. This is one of the reasons why you may wake up with the bedhead tangles in your hair.

Although tangled hair may happen to anybody, the following hair types seem to be more prone:

  • Heat-damaged, bleach-damaged, and sun-damaged hair.
  • Prone to breakage hair.
  • Longer hair(longer than shoulder length).
  • Curly hair.
  • Dry hair.
  • Vigorously combed.
  • Hair treated with alcohol-containing products like hairspray, mousse, or gel.
  • Hair exposed to heated styling tools on a frequent basis.

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8 Tips On How To Detangle Hair Knot

how to detangle hair
A women using hair straightener

When you notice your hair’s stubborn knots, avoid ripping them with a brush. Take a deep breath instead and refer to these saving techniques. Here’s how to detangle hair without harming them.

1. Apply Conditioner

Hair conditioning is a major step on how to detangle hair and in the proper care of your hair. It helps to detangle the hair, too. At the tips apply a conditioner and go up to the root. Spare your scalp, it needs no conditioner.

Wait 5 minutes after putting in conditioner, then Comb your hair to detangle and rinse.

2. Use Detangling Spray

The detangling spray is certainly worth the money. It contributes to reducing hair tension while detangling. Also, when you’re out and have no time; it’s a quick cure. On both dry and damp hair detangling spray can be applied. They don’t have to be rinsed.

The sprays contain substances such as shea butter which make the hair simple to detangle.

3. Oils

Mineral oil may be utilized to detangle the hair adequately. It’s a petroleum distillate that is colorless and odorless. Mineral oil functions as an anti-static and eliminates detangle.

Make sure your hair is conditioned just enough, too much hair residue hinders the mineral oil function when you remove the tangles.

Your hair may feel much more brittle once you have detangled hair. Place a few drops of olive oil and let oil for 20 minutes to penetrate the scalp and the strands. For this, you can sit under a steamer or simply wrap your head with a warm cloth.

4. Water

Moisture might make it easier to detangle. Without harshness, it helps to eliminate the tangles. Use a water-filled spray bottle before you start to spray some water on your hair.

Take hair sections with your fingers, comb with a wide-toothed brush, and clip the detangled hair using a safety pin or hair clip. Continue for all hair sections to thoroughly detangle your hair.

5. Use a wide-tooth comb

A comb specially designed to detangle. Curls may be sensitive and require a tool to separate clumps and remove detangle without any excessive tugging or damage. Wide-tooth and paddle brushes assist to detangle hair in a way that is quite painless.

6. Try a Hair Mask

If your dry ends often become tangled, they are likely to be dehydrated. Once a week, select ingredients such as shea butter to create your hair mask and apply them to the strands.

Hair masks are a good method to deep condition dry hair hydrated strands that are much less likely to become tangled.

7. Start From the ends

One mistake we do with hair care is by combing hair from the roots. Start with the hair bottom. Comb some inches at the bottom and go up gently. This helps to avoid hair loss and scalp pain from severe pulling.

This is especially important when you detangle a protective style. The hair of the root may already be affected by wearing braids for weeks, the comb or brush will not do unnecessary damage.

8. Use your fingers

last but not the list in the list of how to detangle hair knot. Split your hair into portions gently with your fingers before you reach for your comb. This allows you to remove most tangles before combing your hair.


Nobody here among us, with the harsh hair products we use or the different hairstyles we flaunt every day, can avoid knotted hair strands. But there are methods to detangle your hair without half your hair.

Detangling is an important aspect of hair care. It was our guide on how to detangle hair in the smoothest possible way. We hope you won’t lose your mind on tangled hair anymore. Above all, Be gentle with your hair.

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