Magical Way To Make Your Own Nail Polish At Home

This Article is for you if you’ve ever looked in vain for the rare shade of pink or the right sheer glittery gloss. You can make your own nail polish with original colors in minutes by mixing a ready-to-use polish base with your own mix of mineral colorants. This is a great way to take your DIY nail art to the next level.

Assemble the resources to make your own Nail Polish

You’ll need the following items:

  • Eyeshadow that is Powdered
  • Nail polish with a Clear Base or Top Coat
  • Brush for Cleaning
  • Cuticle Remover (Tip: Learn Using Cuticle Remover with easy guide)
  • A Miniature Funnel (you can DIY one with paper)
  • Nail Paint Remover
  • Towels Made Of Paper
  • Nail polish mixing balls and hollow nail polish tubes with tops
  • Funnel Miniatures

Steps for making your own Nail Polish at home

how to make nail polish with custom color

Step 1

Pour a little amount of polish from the bottles into/onto something you were about to throw away using a miniature funnel into the neck of the bottle. You’ll need more room in the container to accommodate the eyeshadow or shimmer you’re using.

Step 2

To apply Colorants to the funnel, use the tip of a popsicle stick or a miniature scoop. You should stick to one color or mix several colorants together to make your own blends. To make a sheer gloss, add a big pinch of paint, or as much as 1/4-1/2 teaspoon for a darker, more opaque color.

Step 3

To lower the colorant into the container, gently tap the bottle and funnel together. Make sure you don’t spill the colorants or get glitter all over the place. This section can get a little messy.

Step 4

Remove the funnel and gently fill the container with the polish base before screwing the cap on.

Step 5

Shake it up. Shake it up. Shake it up. The first time you blend the polish, it can take a lot of patience. Shake the bottle for 30-60 seconds, or before all of the colors are evenly distributed in the base.

Step 6

Put it on your nails! Along with your personalized polish, make sure to use a proper base coat and top coat. This will help the paint last longer and show off your beautiful personalized polish to its full potential.

Step 7

Glitter nail polish is a choice move. Many girls dislike glitter nail polish, but if you aren’t one of them, take the same steps as before. The use of glitter instead of eye shadow or blush is the only difference.

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Please remember that your first attempt at making nail polish might not be fine. It can take a few tries to make your own nail polish before you achieve the desired color. However, there is a learning curve, as with everything in life! So, go ahead and try it.

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