Step By Step Guide On How To Choose The Right Perfume

When you walk into the perfume section of your favorite store, it can feel like a foreign land. There are so many options, that it’s hard to know where to start. And you still don’t know how to choose the right perfume for yourself.

Although it depends on the person and the occasion. But the most important part is that you should be able to find the right scent that fits you best.

How To Choose The Right Perfume

how to choose the right perfume for yourself

#1 Few Is Enough

Sometimes few is enough, So don’t get caught up in trying several fragrances at once. Test the scent on your skin to evaluate how it feels and how it evolves, since it may smell distinct after it has settled on your skin.

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#2 Focus On Notes

Each perfume has a unique set of “notes.” The overall smell is determined by these notes. These notes are divided into three layers:

  • Base
  • Top or head
  • Middle or heart notes

They all work together to create a distinct fragrance. Consider what smells you already enjoy in other brands. Do you prefer the scent of your cherry candle and need something similar? The solution is sometimes there in front of you.

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#3 Choose The Level Of Concentration

Fragrances are available in four concentration levels. When the concentration increases, the price typically increases as well. High concentration perfumes often have a stronger scent and stay longer. They can be pricy, but some individuals believe the extra money is quite well worth it.

  • The strongest concentration is simply known as perfume or parfum. With just one application to the wrists or pulse points, this level frequently lasts all day.
  • The next level down is Eau de parfum, which normally lasts six hours after application.
  • The Third level is Eau de toilette, which is generally cost-effective and widely available at retail outlets.

#4 Think Again Before You Buy

Before purchasing any fragrance, you should conduct a few basic tests to ensure that it is something you would want to wear and like. The trick is to test a small amount of the scent on your skin.

Our skin has its unique code of hormones and pheromones that may drastically change the way a scent smells. Spray a tiny bit on your wrists, wait a few seconds, and then smell the perfume on your skin. It can sometimes amplify or minimize the fragrance depending on your chemical makeup.

Things To Consider While Choosing A Perfume

the right way to choose the perfume

Now you mastered how to choose the right perfume, you should keep in mind the following points while choosing the perfume.

#1 Don’t be a follower of the latest trends

Don’t make perfume purchases based on what is hot or trendy. What one individual considers to be the Holy Grail may not be yours. Before committing to a perfume, take your time to learn about yourself, your style, and your preferences.

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#2 Take a look at the event you’re buying it for?

Is it for your self-care regimen, a date, bedtime, or a special event such as your birthday or a wedding?

Scents are tied to emotion and memory, and smelling that perfume again frequently brings you back to the moment you wore it. So ask yourself, “Why do I need this perfume?”

#3 Cost Of Perfume

More money does not always imply a better smell. Some of the most renowned fragrances of the last century were made with low-cost ingredients. It is feasible to combine expensive raw ingredients and create a smelly mess.


As we’ve seen, the scent is our most powerful sense. It is associated with memories, and we can develop profound bonds with our emotions. Wearing perfume is a unique method to express oneself beyond the visual.

It makes you memorable and leaves a lasting impact. And now you know how to choose the right perfume for yourself, so you are ready for creating memories.

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