How To Use Thinning Shears At Home : 4 Easy Steps

There are a lot of different techniques of adding texture and removing volume from the hair, but using thinning scissors is the easiest one. You got your brand new thinning shears and are looking forward to start using them?

But you don’t know how to use thinning shears? Well, Relax and take a deep breath Miss Glam Up is here to help you. So, let’s start with a quick introduction about thinning shears.

What Are Hair Thinning Shears?

Scissors with one blade with teeth and one blade without teeth are known as thinning shears or thinning scissors. You’ll see that there are little, evenly spaced grooves if you look carefully at the blade with teeth.

Although thinning shears are somewhat different from texturising scissors since both remove hair without any loss of haircut length or shape. Thinning scissors serve to eliminate hair volume, while texturising scissors provide volume and movement to the style.

How To Use Thinning Shears: Step By Step Guide

how to thin hair with thinning shears
A girl cutting hairs

Step #1: Brush Your Hair

If your hair is curly, you must straighten it up. If there are portions that are twisted, comb and remove tangles. It helps you determine which hair regions need thinning. If there is crinkled or entangled hair, don’t use thinning shears on them. If you do, you’ll probably remove more than you want to.

Step #2: Hold Small Hair Sections

This is the important point in learning how to thin hair with thinning shears at home. In between the blades, put a small portion of the hair. Put the blade at least 3 inches(7.6 cm) from the scalp. Remember to avoid using the thinning shears at the roots or ends of your hairs.

Step #3: Hold Shears At 45-Degree Angle

Always keep the thinning shears at an angle of 45 degrees. Grab a 2-inch hair section and glide down the shears to thin the hair section. The length among cuts and the number of cuts depends on your hair length.

Start over with a fresh hair section. The higher you start from the ends of the hair, the more weight you can eliminate.

Step #4: Thin

Begin to thin a very tiny portion of hair. This will help you to avoid ending up removing too much, you can do it again if you want to thin out more. Use a comb to remove any trimmed hair from the area after thinning.

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How Do Thinning Scissors Work?

For a reason, hair-thinning scissors have these uniformly spaced grooves. It enables a section to cut less hair than ordinary shears. Like other scissors, you will achieve different outcomes using diverse methods.

You may use thinning scissors to diminish hair density if you are working on thick hair. However, if you only want to soften the edges without losing the beautiful shape you have made you may use thinning scissors on different hair types.

Things To Consider Before Using Thinning Shears

how to use thinning shears at home
A women at saloon taking haircut

Although space for mistake is still in place, with required safeguards the use of thinning shears is safe at home. The edges of thinning shears are softer than hair-cutting scissors, therefore you may not harm yourself or chop hair parts accidentally.

But here are some of the key points you should keep in mind while using thinning shears:

  • Choosing Right Thinning Shear: Pay attention to how and the type you are using. The texturizing and finishing shears are the simplest to use on your own.
  • Making Cuts: If you overdo it with thinning shears, the trouble you run into is the cut placement and the direction your shears facing when you make a cut. Such shears can leave hair holes (particularly those with a broader tooth).
  • Hair Type: Thicker to medium-sized hair can take advantage as weight removal, while fine, straight hair can gain an advantage from blending harsh lines. The hair might feel thin, weak, or brittle by overusing thinning shears.


Hair thinning shears are highly versatile and have various tooth configurations. Thinning scissors may make any haircut more natural, or add a texture level to enhance the total flavor of your beauty. We hope now you know how to use thinning shears and can make your hairstyle more interesting.

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