How To Do Soap Brows At Home : 4 Super Easy Steps

Have you ever heard about soap brows? As far as I know, everyone knows about them – all thanks to the tik-tok trend.

If you are wondering how to do soap brows like a pro, then you are in luck today. In this article, we will discuss everything about soap brows including what are soap brows?

Youths on Tik-Tok who are infatuated with beauty introduced this trend to the mainstream, bringing it from the fringes to the center of attention.

Soap brows have become the current beauty trend, and they’re all over the internet. A lot of us already know about this trend and have already tried it, but we’re guessing that there are still many more who are unaware of it. So without further delay, let’s start.

What are soap Eyebrows?

Soap brows are a new makeup method that’s supposed to help you produce fluffy, feathery eyebrows. Using a bar of soap instead of brow gel to shape and set your eyebrows in place.

The method has been also used for years by makeup artists and drag queens, who employ it for photoshoots. For those model-worthy brows that gel alone just can’t quite accomplish, soap brows are the ideal solution.

Step By Step Guide On How To Do Soap Brows

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You may be interested in trying this bushy brow makeup technique, but you may not know how to do soap brows then follow this step by step guide:

Step #1: Clean Your Brush and Brows

However it will take a few minutes, but a lot of us ignore this step. Always start with clean brows, use a tissue to clean brow brush, and remove makeup before starting.

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Step #2: Use Eyebrow Pencil

This part is optional, based on the shape of your eyebrows. It’s perfect if you have thin or sparse brows. This step also helps you in making your eyebrows lighten quickly.

Fill in the spots that require it with a light, feathered stroke using an eyebrow pencil. Continue with the next step when you’re satisfied with the fullness of your eyebrows.

Step #3: Prep Your Spoolie

Grab and damp the spoolie with water. You may also damp your spoolie with a makeup setting spray before applying your soap brows. Are you ready to grab your bar of soap? Gently rub the dampened spoolie over your face soap a few times to gather some product. Keep in mind that little is more at first.

Step #4: Fill In Your Brows

Last but main point in learning how to do soap brows is filing your brows. To do so, fill in your brows with a spoolie to achieve the shape you desire. Make sure to backcomb your eyebrows after you’ve brushed them up with a spoolie.

If you’re not satisfied with the look of your brows, repeat this technique until you’re satisfied.

Easy, No?

Note: Use your fingertip to remove any extra product and move any stray hairs back into place after removing any excess product with your fingers.

Things To Remember While Doing Soap Brows

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Now you know how to do soap brows but before trying out soap brows. There are a few factors you should be aware of before you begin:

1. Don’t Pluck Eyebrow Hairs

The brow hairs can be pulled out if you apply too much pressure. When using spoolie, you don’t want the spoolie to be too wet, but you also don’t want it to be too dry, since this can cause breakage.

2. Using Brow Pencil

You may be tempted to apply a brow pencil or powder after filling in the brows with soap, based on your gut instinct. However, We advise filling in your eyebrows before filling brows.

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3. Avoid Regular Use

Doing soap brows every day is not recommended. Try to give the brow region a rest when you can.

4. Type Of Soap

It’s important to choose a soap that’s suitable for your face to avoid irritation. Glycerin – which is less irritating, is an ideal ingredient in soaps for use on sensitive skin. Also, It should be transparent.

5. Apply Gently

Your brows are the only part of your face where you should apply your soap. Your foundation may become patchy or fade during the day if you accidentally get any on your skin.


Doing soap brows falls somewhere in between brow gel and brow lamination in terms of holding power. Use the correct product and method if you want fluffy, textured brows that stay in place all day. And now you know how to do soap brows like a pro, just give it a try.

Natural-looking, full brows may be achieved with this approach. In order to get the soap brows look, you just need a few products, and the entire process is super affordable.

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