How To Wrap Hair In Scarf : 5 Quick Steps

Hair wrapping is a common hair styling method for African women’s which may be done with any hair type or length. Typically, wraps are used for protecting the hair while sleep or even for blow-drying.

Keep on scrolling to learn how to wrap hair to keep your hairs maintained. This method can be greatly beneficial for both regular and heat-styled hair. Highly structured hair may easily return to its original form if left to fend for itself.

Sound Interesting?

This is why appropriate wrapping is so important. This will lock the moisture in your hair for maximum time. Before learning the hair wrapping process let’s understand what is a hair wrap.

What Is A Hair Wrap?

It is necessary to understand what this method means before we transform you into a pro hair wrap. As the name indicates, the whole idea is about smoothing down your strands for a sleek finish.

This procedure brushes the hair in a circular way around the head against the scalp. Then a silk scarf is wrapped around your head to protect your strands.

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How To Wrap Hair : Step By Step Guide

how to do a head wrap with scarf
A girl with scarf on head

Items Required to Wrap Your Hair

Before learning how to wrap hair you have to gather a few things in place which are given as follow:

Let’s Wrap Hair Properly

Now you know what is a hair wrap and you have gathered all the required items to wrap your hair. Now it’s time to learn how to wrap hair with step-by-step guide to do it properly.

Step #1: Prep

It is important to prepare your hair with hydrating items before you start wrapping. Your hair texture and the requirements of your hair will determine the pre-wrapping products.

Step #2: Section Your Hair

Then split your hair into two even parts, it will make it easier to wrap hair.

Step #3: Start Wrapping

  • Use a paddle brush and smooth hair on both sides of the head from the front to the side of your head.
  • If you realize your hair falls away, secure the area with a bobby pin.
  • Keep brushing in a circular motion until you reach the back of your hair or the hair’s end, based on the length of the hair.

Step #4: Redo

Begin to brush your hair from the back on the opposite side of your head and combine hair from the prior portion to make the uniform look.
You may use bobby pins to protect your strands.

Simply release the initial bobby pins you used and smooth over the area after you reach the last couple of strands of hair.

Step #5: Grab Your Scarf

It’s time to learn the wrapping of your hair into a scarf.

  • Put the scarf on your head then wrap the ends around your head’s side.
  • When both ends are at the back of the head, cross the ends of the scarf.
  • Then bring your scarf ends to your forehead and make a little knot.

How to Wrap Short Hair

how to wrap short hair in scarf
A girl with anger expression
  • Use a wrap lotion to make your hair smooth and hold your hair together.
  • You should push your hair straight down instead in a circular motion if you have very short hair or a pixie hairstyle cut.
  • When wrapping short hair, use additional hair clips to make sure all hair is wrapped.
  • After that, just put on the scarf or follow any wrapping style given below.

Isn’t it great that you can wrap your short hair to protect them from damage?

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Different Head Wrap Styles

Regardless of why you want to wrap your hair, We have come up with the 2 most famous head wrap styles that are quick and easy to do. So, let’s learn each one of them in detail one by one.

#1 – Basic Middle Bun

  • Take the scarf and fold it into a triangle halfway down.
  • Place the scarf above your head, facing forward with the triangle.
  • Knot it and pull it tightly with the 2 edges in your hands.
  • You’ve got three parts now. Turn the center triangle so that the pattern is on the front and bring back that flat.
  • Take 2 ends and tie them then tuck in your ends.
  • Fluff your bun as tall as you would like.
  • Push the satin scarf back to expose your laid baby hair.

#2 – Turban

  • Take the scarf and fold it into a triangle.
  • After that, you should put the triangle’s long side on your neck.
  • Verify that no hair strands under the folded edge exist.
  • Now over the top of your head, you have to wrap the triangle loose point.
  • Tie the knot ends at either the top or underneath the point hanging over your head.

Benefits Of Wrapping Hair

At night when we sleep, cotton pillowcases absorb the necessary moisture, whereas a protective layer is provided to cover your hair with a wrap that holds moisture in. Other benefits of wrapping hair are as follow:

  • Maintains the style: Save time by wrapping your hair and keep everything in place if your hair is particularly time-consuming when it comes to styling.
  • Safeguards against breakage: Chemicals you are using in styling increase the susceptibility of your hair to breakage. A hair wrap may decrease damage and friction with pillowcases, making your hair seem more healthy and fresh.
  • Eliminate tangles: Particularly people with long hair know how annoying and unpleasant tangles may be. Wrapping the hair can decrease the knots we have in our hair, as we toss and turn all night.


Hair Wrapping for African American women has been a long-standing styling technique. If properly performed, may protect hair and act as an easy style alternative to harsh blow dryers and straighteners. Now you know how to wrap hair in the right way and even the benefits of wrapping hairs.

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