How To Use Mousse For Hairs : 6 Easy Steps

Hair Mousse is your best beauty partner when you want to add extra texture and lift to your locks. You can use hair mousse on every hairstyle, whether it’s a French braid, a ponytail, or a bun, to create definition and shape to your hair.

MissGlamUp is here to help you learn how to use mousse like a pro and more about hair mousse, so keep on reading. Mousse is particularly impressive because it blends several advantages of styling into a single, and it’s easy to apply.

You can say goodbye to terrible hair days by applying a hair volume mousse. However, the mousse must be correctly applied to your strands for awesome performance. So, without delay let’s learn how to apply mousse correctly.

What is Mousse?

Generally, the mousse has a thick foam form. It is usually placed throughout roots to ends, and blow-dried in. At all prices and for each hair texture there are amazing mousses available in the market. Whatever style you pick it will last longer and usually looks better with hair mousse.

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Step By Step Guide On How To Use Mousse

how to use hair moose for ha
A girl with blonde hair

If you are unsure and searching how to use mousse, don’t stress below are the steps to make your dream hairstyle.

Step #1: Wash Your Hair

If you want the best outcome, please wash and clean your hair with the correct amount of shampoo and conditioning before you begin to apply hair volume mousse. Most individuals use this to gain more volume and shine to their hair.

Note: It is advisable not to apply it directly to your scalp while using a conditioner since it will make your hairs look greasy within hours.

Step #2: Towel Dry Your Hair

After removing the water off, but just before you get out of the shower, squeeze extra water out of your hair. Pat your hair gently with a cotton t-shirt or with a towel to remove excess water.

Step #3: Use Hair Dryer

The heat protector should first be used to avoid damage to the hair. You may run your hairdryer at medium heat settings. Use a diffuser if you want your curly hair to rock.

Step #4: Apply Hair Mousse

Bear in mind that little is more when it comes to hair mousse. You don’t need to apply a ton to achieve your desired outcomes. Work with an egg-size blob of hair mousse, focusing the product on your roots through your damp tresses.

Step #5: Blow Dry Your Hair

Take a round brush and squeeze your hair upwards gently while blow-drying. This upward movement can provide a lift to your roots, which can give volume. Depending on the style you’ve been looking for, you may tug the diffuser below your curls and blow up to give definitions and shape to your curls.

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Step #6: Comb Your Hair

Last step in learning how to use mousse is to comb your hair. You may touch up your hairstyle at last. While doing so, to prevent harshly tugging at your hair use a wide-tooth comb.

Wasn’t it easy to apply a mousse?

How To Use Mousse With Different Hair Types

how to use hair mousse for curls
A girl with curly hairs

Although we have mentioned basic steps to use mousse not all kinds of hair or hair mousses are the same. Here’s what you should remember while using hair mousse for various hair types.

  • Curly Hairs: Spray a little bit of mousse if you do not want clumps and apply them carefully over the center lengths through the ends of your hair.
  • Dry or damaged hair: Once the mousse has been applied to your wet hair, air-dry instead of using a hair drier since it will only cause your hair to get brittle. Take a pause from heat-styling instruments.
  • Straight Hair: There is no possibility that you can improve your hair texture without using mousse if you have healthy, straight hair. If you want to make your hair wavy, use a mousse with a stronghold and place it at the center lengths through the ends of your hair. Use your finger to massage your hair for greater effects.
  • Thin hair: If you’d like to give your hair more volume and a little style, this product is your secret weapon to make your hair look fuller.
  • Thick hair: Although you have naturally thick hair, you can choose the correct mousse for you. While many kinds of mousse are suitable for use in all types of hair, other products are not. Apply only a tiny quantity of mousse to avoid weighing down your hair.


Mousse is must have hair product in your kit and you shouldn’t be scared to use it, particularly if you attempt to create a lengthy style, texture, and definition. Now you know how to use mousse like a pro, so give it a try.


Do you use mousse on wet or dry hair?

It depends on what kind of outcome you want, but you should go with wet hair when it comes to applying mousse in most cases. In case of wet hair, you should apply a heat protector before applying mousse.

What is the best way to apply mousse?

To get the best result, you should apply the mousse throughout the hairs from root to end. After that use your fingers or wide-tooth brush to evenly distribute the mousse throughout the hairs.

How do you use hair mousse?

Start by applying the mousse on damp hairs and blow dry your hair to add more volume. At last, you should comb your hair either with your fingers or with a wide-tooth brush to avoid harsh tugging.

What does a mousse do?

Hair Mousse also known as styling foam provide extra volume to your hair without any clumps or build-up. Although the effect may differ depending on the hair mousse you select.

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