How To Lighten Eyebrows At Home : 4 Easy Methods

Lighten eyebrows are the perfect solution if you have chosen to lighten your hair from brown to blonde and want to match your brows, or just want to soften your features. But how you can make eyebrows lighter?

Keep on reading to learn how to lighten eyebrows to acquire a stylish look. Bleached brows are not just a runway trend. It is a perfectly natural thing to include even celebrities are rocking with this look.

Lighten eyebrows have been a popular eyebrow makeup method used both on and off social media, and we are happy to reveal that without going to saloon you may create the effect at home.

How To Lighten Eyebrows : 4 Effective Methods

There are various ways to make your eyebrows lighten using bleach or without using bleach. We will discuss all possible ways in detail.

How To Lighten Eyebrows With Bleach

process of lightening eyebrows
Women doing eye makeup

This is a quite simple process, but all the steps are highly important, not just for your protection, but for the outcomes you want to achieve. So be careful with each step.

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Step #1: Wash Your Face

It’s time to go once you have given yourself the green light. You’ll need a clean, washed face with no makeup, skincare, and no moisturizer applied on your face. And trim your eyebrows before applying bleach to make them look better. Don’t try to bleach if you have just dyed your brows recently.

Step #2: Prepare The Bleach

Two components are available in “at-home bleaches” i.e activator and paste bleaching. Begin by placing your small activator in a glass tray and combine it with cream bleach until it achieves whipped butter consistency.

Step #3: Apply The Bleach On Brows

Use the brush to apply bleach to your eyebrows. You need to apply a heavy coating of bleach to cover each brow appropriately to lighten. Set around two minutes of the timer.

Step #4: Remove the Bleach

After around two minutes, inspect your brows to see whether your desired shade has been obtained. If yes, remove the bleach, and wash your face properly. Apply a regular moisturizer to the surrounding region. If you want them to look a bit lighter, take another minute with a little more bleach.

Wasn’t it easy?

But if you don’t want to use bleach to lighten your brows for any reason then you can go with other ways to lighten your eyebrows.

Things To Remember While Bleaching

  • Note that it is unsafe to apply chemicals close to your eyes. You must not apply bleach into the eye while placing bleach on the eyebrows.
  • Go exactly one shade lighter if you want light brown eyebrows. Then, cover your bleached brows with a dark ash blonde color. Use a medium or light ash-brown color if you have a black eyebrow and you need to finish with a medium brown color while bleaching your hair.
  • The cream should be left on for one or two minutes. Otherwise, your brows will become more orange or reddish.
  • It’s good for you to make lighten eyebrows with natural alternatives such as chamomile tea given below in detail if bleach cream doesn’t suit you.
  • Apply some petroleum jelly across your brows and establish a barrier for the chemicals before you dive in with bleach.
  • To carefully remove the bleach, choose a warm washcloth or a wet wipe. Wash your brows and use a hydrating moisturizer once you have finished.
  • You may initially try it by fake bleached brows with concealer method if you are not willing to make a complete commitment to lighten eyebrows.

How To Lighten Eyebrows Without Bleach

Bleach is the first thing to consider when it comes to eyebrows lightening. Beyond bleach, what are the other techniques to lighten the eyebrows? Just keep scrolling and find out.

Method #1: How To Lighten Eyebrows With Makeup

lighten your eyebrows with makeup
A girl applying eye makeup

The current trend in light eyebrows needs a low level of growth of the eyebrow, but it doesn’t mean that you must wax it completely or take it out until nothing remains. Just clean the eyebrow as well as possible.

  • Pick a brow pencil that is few shades lighter than your real hair color. Fill in the pencil in your eyebrow until it is fully covered. Consider using a light-colored eyeshadow rather than a pencil for a softer, more natural look.
  • Find a brow gel with the color you used to fill your brows with the pencil or eyeshadow. Fill up your brows carefully with gel, much like mascara. Wiggle up the wand as you start with the brow, and then down as you move towards the arch.
  • At last, blending is the most essential thing to achieve. You should use a clean mascara wand after using a brow gel to brush your brow hair.

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Method #2: How To Lighten Eyebrows With Chamomile Tea

The Chamomile method is a natural and subtle approach to lighten your eyebrows.

  • Pour a cup of boiling water in the chamomile tea bag while preparing the tea and let it steep for one hour.
  • Stirring well, combine an equal amount of lemon juice.
  • Use a cotton swab to apply the tea mixture onto your eyebrows. Repeat this procedure every day and it will lighten your eyebrows naturally.

Method #3: How To Lighten Eyebrows With Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a brilliant option if you do not like bleach cream or just want to test how lighter brows would appear. Compared to retinoids or acids in eyebrow bleach, they have less irritation and suit those with sensitive skin.

  • Grab Q-tip and dip into hydrogen peroxide. Drain a bit so you don’t drop anything in your eyes.
  • Naturally, comb the eyebrows with the Q-tip
  • Leave peroxide hydrogen on for 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the eyebrow thickness and color effect you want.
  • Wet a cotton pad in cold water and wipe off your eyebrows the remaining hydrogen peroxide as soon as the desired color becomes visible.
  • Rinse the eyebrows with cold water to clear any residue.

Method #4: How To Lighten Eyebrows With Concealer

If you don’t want to bleach or want to test how it looks beforehand, this is a wonderful technique to go for. Use an eyebrow brush and concealer with peachy tones.

  • Apply the concealer with your eyebrow brush in the opposite direction of your eyebrow growth. It will cover the lower part of the hair.
  • In this way, you would normally brush your brows with concealer. It covers the hair tops.
  • Dust on a certain amount of setting powder, and you’re done.


You can begin natural techniques before using bleach if you are trying to lighten your eyebrows for the very first time. Because this is a long-term commitment and you need to see what lighter eyebrows look like. You may do it home and save money using the appropriate techniques.

I hope you were helped by these ideas on how to lighten eyebrows at home. Do not wait any longer for lighter eyebrows to enter into the trend of beauty.

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