How To Apply Polygel Nails At Home : 6 Easy Steps

The popularity of fake nails has always been high because fake nails are an easy way to spice up your nails. One of the most popular artificial nail trends is the use of polygel nails. If you are a nail art lover, then you must be familiar with this nail trend.

You need to know how to apply polygel nails properly if you want to have a perfect manicure. Polygel Nails are popular due to their durability and flexibility.

It is possible to apply polygels at home with the use of a few simple tips and tactics that I have learned over the years. So, let’s start.

Step By Step Guide On How To Apply Polygel Nails

steps on how to do polygel nails
Girl showing nails with nail art

The process used to apply polygel nails does not harm your natural nails. Apart from that, there are no harsh chemicals involved in the process. Learning how to apply polygel nails require simple steps to follow as given below:

Step #1: Prepare Nails

As a first step, clean the natural nails carefully, by removing any dead skin and cuticle that surrounds them using cuticle remover. File the surface of nails to ensure that the rough surface has greater adhesion. Light-sensitive poly gel requires a darkened environment.

You may shape your polygel nails by filing them down and shaping them to the desired shape.

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Step #2: Apply Base Coat

To safeguard your natural nails and improve adhesion between natural nails and nail extensions, apply the base coat included in the package to your nails. Cure it for 30 seconds using a UV/LED lamp.

Please apply the base coat evenly, since the gel will adhere to the area where it is applied.

Step #3: Apply Polygel Nails

Choose the nail extension model that best fits each finger from the nail box. With the spatula, extract a little amount of gel from the tube and apply it to the dual form. You should allow more than enough gap between the model and your natural nails.

  • Use the brush and slip solution in the package to increase the polygel’s width and length.
  • To remove any air bubbles, carefully press down the rest of the nail. Note that air bubbles will cause the nail to lift.
  • Smooth out the back of the poly gel by turning the nail over.
  • Finally, clean the nail form’s edge to ensure that the gel is evenly distributed, identical to the natural nail.

It was easy, right?

Step #4: Cure The Nails

In learning how to apply polygel nails at home, this step is important. An LED light or a UV lamp can be used to cure polygel nails.

Curing times may vary depending on which brand of Polygel you are using, but it should be approximately 30 seconds with LED Lamps and 2 minutes with UV lamps. Curing will help in making the polygel harden.

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Step #5: Filing

If you haven’t done it before applying polygel nails or just want to smooth out any uneven area, then this step is essential. Because Polygel is soft, it does not require an e-file to shape it. Smooth out any uneven spots using a hand file.

Step #6: Finishing

how to apply polygel at home
Nail art

First, apply a top coat to your Polygel nails to complete the look. In the end, you will have to pick between a glossy and matte topcoat. Since it makes the nails more durable and hard to damage, the topcoat is necessary.

To cure your nails for a second time, you will have to place them under a nail lamp. Depending on the brand of Polygel, the curing period will vary from 30 to 60 seconds.

Tip: Ensure that your hands and cuticles are moisturized by applying lotion or oil.

Benefits of Polygel

Now you know how to apply polygel nails perfectly, it’s time to know the benefits of polygel nails.

  • Polygel nails have acrylic nails strength and the lightweight of a gel while acrylic powder is mixed in a hard gel. If you have ever tried polygel nails, you can feel that.
  • You don’t require any specific knowledge of the liquid-to-powder ratio. As a result, it is highly user-friendly.
  • Polygel’s flexibility makes it less prone to chipping, making it a better choice for nail enhancement products that last longer.


It seems that polygel nails are one of the finest options for getting your nails done. It doesn’t matter if you go to a nail salon or do it yourself, these manicure kits will help you maintain your nails looking great. Now you know how to apply polygel nails perfectly, give it a try.

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