Quick Tips On How To Take Off Eyelash Extensions At Home

So you have put on your lovely eyelash extensions and you love them. But in case you want to remove them, the big question is how to take off eyelash extensions at home?

Eye extensions may be removed in the comfort of your own home with safety and ease. They are glued with semi-permanent glue to your natural lace, making it a sensitive yet easy to manage procedure to remove eyelash extensions.

In today’s guide, I will tell you my secrets on how to take eyelash extensions off at home carefully without hurting your natural lashes or your eyes.

Ultimate guide on how to remove eyelash extensions at home

how to take eyelash extensions off

1. Don’t Pick or Pull at Your Eyelash Extensions

There are a lot of crucial factors to bear in mind in a hasty rush to get the lash extension off before you try to repair this. The objective is to make your lashes as healthy as possible, so first of all, it is necessary to know what not to do.

Do not cut your lashes or pick off the extensions of your lash. It will only harm your natural lash by picking them and ultimately your extensions grow out and shed with your normal lash cycle.

2. Take a hot shower

Don’t pick up your lash extensions, pluck, rub, or pull, even if you’re in the shower. Otherwise, your natural lashes and your eyes may be damaged.

Plucking may destroy your current lashes, not to mention that touching your lashes can transmit germs rapidly to your lashes and surrounding the eye. Instead, consider taking a hot shower if you want to speed up the fall-out process.

Remove lash extensions with Oil-Based Cleanser

An expert lash artist should say that after getting a new set, you should not use oil-based cleaners, as this might affect the integrity of the lash glue and cause your extensions to break shortly.

However, oil cleaner is your new best buddy, if you want to remove any remaining lash extensions. Try to use oil to loosen the remaining lash as a first step.

Apply the oil gently with a circular motion to dissolve the lash glue while washing the face.

Just remember that it’s not a miracle of one night, you need to apply an oil cleaning technique to loosen your lash extensions for at least a few nights.

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Take off lash extensions using Professional-Grade Lash Glue Dissolver

Because your eyelashes are sensitive as well as your skin around your eyes, we must know everything on how to take off eyelash extensions at home before trying to do so.

You can undoubtedly loosen extensions with hot showers and drenching them in oils, but you will need to buy a remover in order to remove them safely with as minimum as possible damage.

Note that the lash extension bond is quite similar to superglue and something must be used that dissolves it in order to prevent additional damage to the normal lash.

Be careful to keep it out of your eyes while using professional glue, dissolving remover to the extensions. If you are trying to remove your extensions at home, keeping your eyes free from irritants is the most crucial thing.

Here’s how to remove eyelash extensions with Coconut oil

how to remove eyelash extensions with coconut oil

Coconut oil is an easy approach to remove lash extensions at home because the oil breaks down the lash glue without the risk to damage the eyes. This is a step-by-step way to take off lash extensions with coconut oil at home.

  • This step is optional, however, it might help soften the lash extension glue by giving your face steam.
  • Pop a plug into the sink in your bathroom (or use a bowl/bucket if you have no plug), fill it with boiling water, bend your face over the steam and put a towel over your head to block the steam from escaping.
  • Do this for five to ten minutes continuously.
  • Bonus points: steaming is good for your skin and sinuses when you add some Vick or eucalyptus oil.
  • Soak a cotton pad with coconut oil like you would with an eye makeup remover or micellar water.
  • Keep your cotton pad for a few minutes on your lashes and they should slide off.
  • Don’t force stubborn lash – just keep on using coconut oil for a few days.

End Note

While the lash extensions may appear gorgeous, they may become extremely annoying if the lash is not installed properly. When this happens, it is recommended to consult a professional lash technician to remove them get a new set.

Do not forget to share it with us if you have any other method that we missed. We’d love to know about your personal lash removing experience and will help people by adding it to our guide.

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