How To Dye A Wig At Home : 9 Super Quick Steps

You may have considered dyeing your wig if you run out of the closet to store new wigs or if you just want to refresh an outdated synthetic wig. But don’t know how to dye a wig?

The advantage of dyeing your human hair wig by yourself is that it does not just available in various colors, but it’s fast and seemingly painless. Hair dyeing becomes easier and simpler, and you may dye your hair effortlessly at home.

So what should we look for when we color our human hair wig? and how to dye a wig at home? Let’s find the solution step by step in the following article.

Step By Step Guide On How To Dye A Wig At Home

dye a wig at home
A person preparing dye

In comparison to synthetic fibers, hair wigs may be styled and dyed without harm. You may use real hair color or styling products on human hair wigs like your own hair. Let’s discover how to dye human hair wig properly.

Step 1: Wash The Wig

If your wig is smeared, you should wash the wig a couple of days before coloring it to eliminate any modeling product buildup. Do not hold up too much force during shampooing, and before coloring do not add conditioner or any styling products to the wig. Then, let it dry completely.

Step 2: Choose A Hair Dye

Secondly, the hair dye must be chosen. No usual products for human hair wigs are available so you may take a normal hair color that is accessible at the drugstore and elsewhere in the neighborhood.

Step 3: Get 20 Volume Hair Developer

Do you know that in the dying process the hair developer is quite essential? This product helps open hair cuties with hydrogen peroxide. Whether your human hair wig is lighter or darker, the hair developer is considered to be a catalyst for you to acquire your desired color.

A 20-volume developer should be used. You never obtain the color you want to use if you have a product that is less than 20 volume, and if you use the developer more than 20 volume the hair wig’s color becomes much darker.

Step 4: Wear Gloves And Mix The Hair Color

Wear rubber gloves to guard against irritation in your skin and keep your hands clean. Mix the hair coloring with the developer & follow the instructions on the hair dye holder. Use a plastic spoon to stir the mixture rather than a metal spoon.

Step 5: Test To Dye On A Few Hair Strands

It is one of the most important step in the how to dye a wig process. Apply the mixture to a little hair part then wait 30-40 minutes. You may apply it on a human hair wig if the color is appropriate. If not, try another hair shade.

Step 6: Apply The Color To The Wig

Put your hair in the hair coloring bowl. Use your hand to apply your dye carefully to the wig. Spread the mixture over the layers of the whole wig lace.

Step 7: Put The Wig On A Mannequin Head

dyeing wig at home
Mannequin Head

After it is dyed, a mannequin head can maintain the hair wig in good form. Keep on hair brushing with a comb or hairbrush to assist the dye to go out of the hair. Wait for the color to set for 30-40 minutes.

Step 8: Wash The Wig

It is not only a matter of how to dye a wig, but also the after-dyeing procedure. Remember to use a specific human hair wig or a color-treated hair shampoo to ensure that the wig is perfect as possible. Remove the remaining dye on the hair with cold or clean water.

Use the conditioner on the wig after shampooing to make it shinier. Do not use the conditioner near your wig’s roots, since it will easily make the hair fall away.

Step 9: Dry The Hair

Rub your item gently and remove excess water with a dry towel. Put it to the head of the mannequin and maintain it in shape.

You may Let it air-dry or use a cool setting with a hairdryer. Through the wig, run the machine up and down. Do not overheat the hair since it will badly harm the human hair wig.

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Things You Should Know Before Dyeing A Wig?

1. Dyeing Instructions

Before dying, be careful to read the instructions. Note that during specific periods such as pregnancy and physiological periods, it is not recommended to dye the hair. In this period, try to avoid hair dyeing.
Finally, if redness, allergies, etc. emerge after dyeing, medical treatment should be obtained immediately.

2. Loyalty For Primary Hair Colors

You must be loyal to your primary colors, whether the hair color is natural or changed by selecting a new hair color. You have to pick according to the original hair color.

Whether you’d like to be dyed deep or dye shallow, your former color shouldn’t distance more than two color counts, otherwise, it would be too exaggerated.

3. Be Careful With Curly Human Hair Wig

Since curly human hair wig is easier to absorb and damaged than straight human hair wig. Therefore remember to minimize the dye component when you color your wig. Then swap the dye with the water distilled and blend it and use it as normal.

4. Sufficient Reserves

A Can of hair dye usually is enough to be used once with the middle long hair wig (that is, hair to the shoulder area). If your wig is particularly long or thick, make sure you have enough reserve or are too embarrassed to take half your fuel before you dye your human hair wig.


Overall, coloring a wig is the ideal choice if you want to modify your hair to dress yourself. I hope you will know how to dye a wig correctly after checking this article. This allows you to maintain your wig remains longer and to use it several times.

In addition, it might save money and time to dye your wig at home. Be careful to follow our instructions to obtain the best outcomes.

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