6 Step Guide On How To Use Dry Shampoo

The simplicity and ease of the use of dry shampoos are the major reasons why many people have treating it as an ideal hair treatment product.

People rave regarding how awesome it is, but it does not seem useful, or just weighs your hair down, unless you are using them correctly. But don’t worry just keep on reading to find out how to use dry shampoo for the best result.

What is Dry Shampoo?

As the name indicates, Dry shampoo also referred to as waterless shampoo, is a sort of product that minimizes the greasiness of the hair without water usage. This product is available in many forms, depending upon your preferences, from dry shampoo powder to dry shampoo foams. It is particularly suitable to help mask the look of oily roots and can often provide volume to your style.

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How To Use Dry Shampoo : Step By Step Guide

step but step guide on how to apply dry shampoo
A women holding a spray bottle

Step #1: Choose Your Preferred Shampoo

Various forms of dry shampoo are available In the market. You can choose among different types of dry shampoo, depending on your hair type and your goal. Common Forms of dry shampoo available in the market are:

  • Foam
  • Powder
  • Mist
  • Paste
  • Tinted

Step #2: Shake The Bottle

This step is sometimes neglected when you are in a hurry but it is crucial, especially in order to reduce the white powdery residue. But if you are learning how to use dry shampoo you have to follow this step.

When you shake the bottle, you can blend all the good things that make the dry shampoo more effective.

Step #3: Section Hair and Spray

Divide your hair into medium-sized portions so that you may put Batiste throughout every nook and cranny at the bottom of your roots. Make a separation between your hairs and the product before spraying, by keeping it 12 inches away from your hair roots (about the length of the can).

This spacing enables the product to fall evenly and doesn’t leave the hair as if you had just powdered your wig.

If you are prone to oily hair, heaviness at the base of your root is produced by the build-up, sweat, or grease from your hands. This is where your spray should be focused and the sweet place where it will work magically.

Step #4: Let It Sit

Don’t immediately brush or shake it after you spritz on dry shampoo. Instead, give the product an opportunity to work in your hair and absorb the oil in your roots by letting it sit for a few minutes before massaging.

Step #5: Massage Formula Into Hairs

step by step guide for using dry shampoo
A girl massaging hair

Some dry formulas need your scalp/crown to be massaged to strengthen the formula. Whatever the specific directions for your formula, it’s always a good idea to massage the formula into your scalp.

Use your hands to massage the dry shampoo into your scalp after letting the product soak in your hair. If you don’t, it simply sits on your hair and will not perform its job.

It also contributes to the nix of any telltale chalkiness. You may use a brush to remove white residue or hairdryers to blast roots and help remove the extra product.

Step #6: Style Your Hairs

Now it’s time to style your hair. Use your flat iron to put the finishing touches on your hair. As a bonus, dry shampoo makes it much more comfortable to do French braids, ponytails, and space buns to enhance your look.

Things To Consider Before Using Dry Shampoo

The essential part of learning how to use dey shampoo is not just the process of using dey shampoo, but it is equally important to remember the following things before applying the dry shampoo:

1. Don’t spray too close

Most guidelines on dry shampoos advise you to spray from 10 to 12 inches away because the product in a small region is too concentrated and may become wet. Sprinkle it near your scalp when using a powder formula, avoid putting the product directly onto your portions this may make your hair chalky.

2. Don’t Use Too Much Dry Shampoo

If your hair is greasy, it might seem fresher with a decent quantity of dry shampoo, but applying too much is a bad idea. The excessive use of dry shampoos is a common mistake that can make your hairs more dry and gritty.

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Start with a little dry spritz shampoo to avoid this problem, now wait for a few minutes and then apply more, if you think that your hair is still too greasy.

3. Avoid Using It Everyday

Dry shampoo does not clean hair instead adds a starchy buildup to absorb oil. Using dry shampoo too often may decrease the strength of hair which might cause hair loss and skin problems such as infections, dermatitis, and acne.

4. Use Right Color Dry Shampoo

Are you aware that dry color shampoos are available in different colors? This is excellent for those looking to improve their hair color, cover grays, or even mask two-tone roots. Avoid using the wrong color of dry shampoo for your hair.


After every few decades, a beauty product reaches the sphere of actual life-changing and goes beyond ordinary and extraordinary. The dry shampoo gains a place within this changing zone without a doubt. And now you know how to use dry shampoo in the right way, just rock your look with dry shampoo.

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