2 Methods On How To Trim Eyebrows At Home

Why not give them a little cleanliness, if you find your eyebrows to become a bit messy and overgrown between brow appointments. Now we don’t recommend that you begin with the kitchen scissors to hack them.

We say, it’s not as daunting as you think and when done properly your eyebrows can appear so beautiful until your next brow appointment.

Not sure how to trim eyebrows at home? Well, that’s why Miss Glam Up is here with a step-by-step guide on trimming eyebrows, including the equipment you need in trimming your eyebrows.

Do you need to trim your eyebrows?

Do you need to trim your eyebrows
A girl with trimmed eyebrows

You might question “it is essential to trim eyebrows” before we get into how to trim your eyebrows.

The simple reply is: yes.

Trimming your brows not only makes your brows seem more polished but may also help in keeping your brows smooth and clean between the regular shaping sessions. The regular trim may also prevent stray eyebrow hair from sticking randomly all day long – and no one wants this!

How To Trim Eyebrows: Step By Step Guide

Things You Need To Trim Your Eyebrows

  • Brow Scissors: Just don’t use any random scissors to trim your eyebrows. Completely avoid the Kitchen or craft scissors. For this sensitive work, they are too large to use. Cuticle scissors aren’t ideal too since they’re curved, which can make certain brows longer than the rest. It is recommended to use eyebrow scissors with two perfectly straight blades.
  • Spoolie: The spoolie brush is mainly an applicator for mascara. This spiraled-bristle brush is utilized to shape your brows as well as blend your filler eyebrow.

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How To Trim Eyebrows With Brow Scissors

how to trim eyebrows
A women is combing eyebrows

Let’s get to the good part now that you have your tools in your hand.

Step #1: Brush Them Up

First of all, you need to brush your brows upward toward your hairline with a spoolie. This will allow you to find which hairs have become longer than others.

Step #2: Start Trimming

Once done with hair brushing, you need to discover long hairs extending over and beyond the top of your brow. They should be quite visible. Using the brow scissor trim these noticeable hairs. Trim a bit and slowly at a time. Less is usually more when it comes to brows.

Step #3: Evaluate In Mirror

Put the scissors down after your first round. Don’t trim too much at once, you can always go back and trim more. Take time to comb again the brows and observe whether the long hair is still there. If necessary, use the scissors again or keep the look as-is.

Step #4: Check For Symmetry

Once the trimming is finished, comb through the brow hair for the last symmetry check. If you need to clean your brows more precisely, you may use tweezers to eliminate any lingering strays.

Step #5: Fill In Sparse Spots

Remove trimmed hairs from your face and apply eyebrow makeup if required. To finalize the appearance, if this is part of your usual rotation, and fill in with a brow pencil in the exact shape you want your brows. Especially if you cut any holes in the brow unintentionally – brow pencil can save you.

How To Trim Eyebrows With Electric Trimmers

Step# 1: Wash Your Face

Start with a hot water wash on your face or use a warm cloth on your eyebrows. As we’ve seen, this helps loosen the hair and open the pores that make trimming with electric trimmers easier. Electric trimmers are built with a short blade and cutting wire housed in a small apparatus at the tip of the instrument.

The hair in this area is trapped by them and brought closer to the blade. As such, they stand out better while your hair is wet; therefore they may be easily caught for a clean cut.

Step #2: Brush Them Up

To make the trimming process easy, use an eyebrow brush to brush the hairs to lie in the same direction.

Step #3: Trim

Turn on the electric trimmer and start to trim from the edge of the eyebrows gently. Go slowly and make sure that you pause after every few seconds to evaluate your progress.

This means that you don’t trim too deep by mistake and be forced to reciprocate that terrible shape on another eyebrow. The shaping using an electrical trimmer is often quick and accurate. Make sure the trimmer tip lies halfway along the eye-brow boundary for more precise shaping.

How Often Should You Trim Your Brows?

trimming eyebrows at home
women coming her eyebrows

Once Per Week!

You may need to do your eyebrows in advance if you have an occasion coming up. On the other side, you can leave a long time between trimming procedures if you wanted to grow your eyebrows.


Trimming the brows is more a science than an art, especially if you’re in the market to clean up routine between brow visits. We hope now you know how to trim eyebrows at home.

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