How To Shape Nails At Home : 6 Quick Steps

If you’re one of those individuals who fall into the rabbit hole in Instagram that’s nail art, hey, lovely you’re not alone. It’s up to you how you want to display your nails, whether squoval, square, stiletto, or trending coffin nails.

Continue reading to find out how to shape nails without going to the salon. It is overwhelming to choose how you want your nails to look, but we all lean towards that one nail shape which gives us a truly confident and cheerful feeling of looking down at our hands. Or am I the only one who thinks so?

Step by Step Guide On How To Shape Nails

A girl shaping nails

Step #1: Prep Your Nails

Make sure your nails are dry before you decide on your nail shape. The filling of wet nails might harm your nails or break them. Make sure that you have a suitable nail clipper if your nails have to be trimmed.

Step #2: Start By Trimming

Begin by carefully trimming your nails. It helps to maintain your nails even and beautiful.

Step #3: Choose Right Nail File

Admit it or not, hardly everyone creates an equal nail file. Nail files come to suit your needs in various forms, sizes, and grits. You require a nail file with a coarse or extremely coarse grit if you are filing acrylic nails.

Step #4: File Your Nails

It’s time to get to work once you are done with choosing the right nail file. Begin by filing the tips in one direction using your nails. You run the danger of tearing and possibly breaking your nails if you file back and forth your nails.

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Step #5: Shape Your Nail

Now, it’s the important part as you will get the desired shape after this. Just take your time in filing your nails depending on your desired shape. Don’t worry MissGlam Up is proving you the steps for each kind of shape, just keep on scrolling.

Step #6: Wipe Dust

It’s time to clean the extra dust now that your nails are perfectly files. Choose a nail brush or fluffy makeup brush to remove dust carefully.

How To File Your Nails In Different Shapes?

A girl filing nails

1. How To Shape Nails Round

For the most conservative lady, this nail form. This is the greatest bet if you work with your hands regularly and you have to keep a short nail. The round nail form is also a safe choice since lengthy fingers or larger hands are simple to maintain and complement.

For this shape, begin with the square nail and then circle the nail at a slight angle or follow the finger’s curve.

2. How To Shape Nails Oval

This is regarded as a more traditional shape. In the late 1900s and early 2000s, it was highly popular.

In order to obtain the correct oval shape, file side walls straight to ensure they are even. Then form the side walls in a rounded oval, such that the corners on each side are even.

3. How To Shape Nails Square

The nails are shaped squarely on the tips. Undoubtedly one of the most famous nail shapes. It is an excellent choice for everyone since the danger of breaking them is less because they follow your nails’ natural width.

Cut your nails and shape them straight across using a nail filer. In the event of roughness, clean up the edges.

4. How To Shape Nails Squoval

Another common choice in the world of nail shapes is a variant of the square and the oval, i.e the squoval and soft square. The majority of the nail is as wide as the bed of the nail, identical to square nails.

Start like an oval nail to obtain this nail shape by filing the edges of your nail at an angle. When you get the oval shape, flatten the tip of the nail in one direction, as we do in square shape.

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5. How To Shape Nails Almond

The almond shape is the way to go for a lady-like nail. The almond nail shape extends the fingers and adds to shorter fingers a feminine flare.

Mark a point in the middle of your nail and file towards that point. Then shape both sides in such a way that it makes a peak at the center point. To eliminate the sharp edges smoothen them out.

6. How To Shape Nails Stiletto

This appearance is certainly more daring. The stiletto nail, often known as the pointed nail, has made Rhianna and Adele quite a sensation. It is also the option of nail shape for people who are searching for a slender and lengthy nail look.

Alternate filing on both sides to the middle of the nail to obtain this nail shape. If necessary, the center of the nail might be marked as a reminder.

Note: Although the pointed nail can be a great trend to adopt, it is the weakest nail shape and can be seen commonly with acrylic or gel nails to prevent natural nails from being damaged.

7. How To Shape Nails Ballerina

This is a more stylistic variation of the stiletto nail shape. Just follow the same steps as we do for stiletto nails. Find a center and file nails to that point along the sides. Then square out the tips.


Freshly-manicured nails are the greatest accessories for a girl. Congratulations, now you know all about how to shape nails in different shapes. If you have any other beautiful shaping idea then please share them with us.

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