7 Step Guide On How To Do Space Buns

Space buns have recently returned to the trend, being a very popular hairstyle from the 1990s. The hairstyle consists of two buns worn on top of the head with popular hairstyles, which include braided buns or half-down variants.

And this was the hairstyle worn by Princess Leia in the Star Wars movie “A New Hope”. So, let’s learn how to do space buns without going deep into the facts and history of space buns.

How To Do Space Buns Tutorial

how to make space buns at home
A little girl with bun hairstyle

Regular topknot or ponytail is boring, right? Ok then take your bobby pins and hairbrush from the dresser. Miss Glam Up will teach you how to create out-of-the-box buns with a French braid touch.

What You’ll Need To Do Space Buns Hairstyle

  • Hairbrush
  • Hair Clips
  • Hair Spray
  • Clear elastics
  • Bobby pins

How To Do Space Buns With Bobby Pins

Step #1: Part Your Hair

First, start by brushing your hair to ensure it’s free of any knots or tangles. Divide your hair into two equal portions by making a center part. Make sure that your parting is as straight as it can be on either side with the same volume of hair since it can make or ruin the whole space bun look.

Step #2: Create 2 Ponytails

Put your hair in 2 ponytails, and secure them with a thin knot of hair. Do not forget to leave some hair around your face, since this will give you a more face-flattering finish.

Step #3: Lift Up Your Ponytails

Make it pretty and messy. This will help your space buns seem lovely and full. You may now look crazy with all this. But everything’s about to change. Repeat the process for both ponytails.

Step #4: Twist Your Ponytails

Don’t twist too hard as we want to make our space buns lose.

Step #5: Wrap And Pin

Wrap the twisted pony around the hair tie, begin with wrapping the twisted pony around the front of your head. When you are done with wrapping put a bobby pin on your ponytail. Try to hide the bobby pin under your bun entirely.

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Step #6: Pull Apart Opposite Side

Pull off on the other edges of the bun gently. Don’t worry about falling any small stray hair. It’s only going to contribute to our loose, messy space bun appearance. Repeat the same for both the buns.

Step #7: Set Your Style

Give them a nice all-over hairspray spritz to help your funky space buns to last long. Voila, it’s done. This is my fav hairdo, which is really easy and super adorable.

Things To Remember While Creating Space Buns

steps to make space buns
A little girl with space buns
  • Don’t speed up this style because it’s hard work. So, take a little while or breathe in between.
  • Hairspray assists in managing the flyaways and keeping the style in place.
  • You may also make a bigger bun using small donut padding.

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We hope now you know how to do space buns as well as styling tips to make your buns more beautiful. Please share your first ever experience with space buns we are curious to know and if you have some hack related to space buns then don’t forget to share it with us.


How do you do a space bun on short hair?

The process for short hair is similar to the process for long hair, if you can make ponytails from your hairs then you can make space bun hairstyle with short hairs. Or you can use human hair extensions to make it more beautiful.

Are space buns childish?

Maybe, but who cares when you are comfortable with your hairstyle just go for it.

Can I wear space buns?

Space buns are something you should try even if you have long or short hair, either natural or curly. Space buns are straightforward and in just a few minutes you can make them.

What era are space buns from?

Space buns are also known as side buns are a popular hairstyle from the 90's era. It was the biggest hair trend in the 90's era.

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