How To Cut Curly Hair At Home : 3 Quick Step

Curly hair needs special precautions and the wrong cut may make your hair seem like a triangular, frizzy wig. Cutting curly hair is not as easy as straight hair, It’s important to always choose the right way to trim your curls.

But you must be wondering how to cut curly hair at home? Well, you may have a rocking haircut that will enhance your curls by following some basic curly haircut tips.

How To Cut Curly Hair At Home

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When it relates to curly hair care, you should never chop your hair without having the appropriate tools We’ve probably all done it, taking a couple of household scissors out from the drawer and cutting off the hair without thinking. The consequence is typically a disaster.

Things You Need For Cutting Curly Hair

  • Quality scissors: A sharp edge helps to prevent your hair from fluffing at the ends or moving too much. Consider using sharp scissors or just use hair-cutting shears(Which are razor-sharp).
  • Hair Clippers(optional): Hair clippers can be very useful if you have short-length curly hairs, although you can use them with long hairs.
  • Mirror: Be sure that you’ve got the hand-held mirror and the big enough mirror to look at the back of your hair. Add adequate light and a plain wall so that you can see your hair’s silhouette and shape.

How To Cut Curly Hair With Scissors

Step #1: Wash and Dry Your Hair

A nourishing shampoo and a bit of conditioner may be used to moisturize your curls and to prepare them for cutting. Before you start detangle hair knots with a brush. Remember to avoid heat tools, let your hairs dry naturally.

Step #2: Section Your Hair

Before you get wild with shears, twist your hair. It organizes trimming and helps you to uniformly cut every portion. You have to divide your hair into at least 4 sections. You are good to go if you’re happy with the sections. However, you may create sections as much as you want if you want a more precise cut.

Step #3: Trim Gently

Invest in a decent pair of high-quality salon scissors that are highly sharp and will not damage or snag your hair. Take your time and grab small hair sections and cut a little at a time. Examine your hair to check the remaining length, cut more if required.

Things To Remember While Cutting Curly Hairs

1. Have Someone’s Help

It might be difficult to cut your hair with the mirror. If you can, find somebody to assist you to cut equally or judge when enough is enough. Try to set up two mirrors both facing each other in order to obtain a decent look at the back of your head.

2. Texture And Length

For people with long, thick, straight, healthy hair a DIY haircut is difficult enough. And if your hair is curly then it will be easier to detect errors, so be aware.

3. Start Small

Have you ever tweeze your eyebrows using a magnifying mirror just to step back and discover that you have gone too far? The same applies to hairs. You can always take away more, but once you have clipped too much, there is no way back.

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4. Don’t Cut horizontally

The horizontal cutting of your curls might cause dramatically uneven cutting. Keep the scissors vertically, snip a bit, providing texture while you are cutting.

How Often to Get a Cut For Your Curly Hairs

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The frequency of your haircuts will depend on how well you care about your hair and how long your hairs are, but the typical time frame between medium to lengthy hair is every 3-4 months. If you choose to keep it short, get a haircut after every 3-6 weeks to maintain the hair style.


Curly hair is a blessing for some, but the process of cutting them can be a nightmare. We have curated some tips on how to cut curly hairs at home if you are someone who has curly hair and want to cut your hairs at home.

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