6 Simple Steps On How To Use A Diffuser

Dryness and frizz are quite scary to deal with when it comes to hair care regimens. While plenty of products are available to complement your hair, among all diffuser is the most common name these days.

Almost all the girls with curly hairs heard about the benefits of diffusing, yet we’re left with frizz than air drying after trying a diffuser for the first time. But Don’t worry we will tell you how to use a diffuser in the right way.

What Is A Hair Diffuser?

A hair dryer diffuser is a blow dryer plastic attachment that may enable to spread of air evenly across the wider area of your hair. It is round, coated with “spikes” which help to separate your curls while generating additional root lift.

Diffusers can be an ideal choice for individuals with wavy and curly hair, as it can help to maintain the natural curl pattern. You can simply blow out curls into a frizz without a diffuser.

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Step By Step Guide On How To Use A Diffuser

Step #1: Wash Your Hairs

steps to use a diffuser
A girl washing hairs

First step in learning how to use a diffuser is washing hair. Working with unclean hair may be difficult, as you have to deal with residues of previous products and natural oils of your hair.

Follow with a hydrating conditioner after shampooing hair to moisturize curls, which tend to be drier than straight hair since the natural oils have to move around coils to the end of the hair shaft.

Step #2: Detangle Your Hair

Then after taking shower, detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb without damaging the fragile hair. Do not comb the curls once they start drying; it might damage their pattern and increase friction.

Note: Another precaution that may be used while using heat is to splash your hair with a heat protectant.

Step #3: Towel-dry Your Hair

Try not to massage a towel over your hair. Wrap your hair in a t-shirt, soft rag, or microfibre towel to eliminate excess water to make it far less abrasive. Begin diffusing with around 80% dry hair.

Step #4: Diffuse Your Hair

  • Put the diffuser nozzle with a medium heat setting on your trusted blow dryer before activating.
  • Begin with the top of your head and proceed in sections.
  • Concentrate the diffuser around the region and move your diffuser in a massage-like way.
  • When drying, make sure that your drying sesh is finished with a cool shot to get truly stunning spiral look.
  • In addition, you should not move your blow-dryer as long as there is a hair dryer diffuser attachment during drying.

Note: Don’t run fingers through your while diffusing. The natural oils and any friction in your hands can damage curls and produce friction.

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Step #5: Diffusing For Style

You may use a diffuser to make additional volumes and bounce in your hair if you want to add more style to your look. Divide the hair into two parts to make two mini-buns. Place the diffuser and let it dry on both buns.

Step #6: Finishing Up

style curly hairs with diffuser
A girl with perfect curly hairs

Last but important in learning how to use a diffuser is giving a finishing touch. Because Frizz is the number one culprit that turns a good hair day into a terrible one, you should finish your style with a short splash of frizz-fighting hair spray.

How Do Diffusers Work?

When the diffuser is attached to the hairdryer, the heated air in the diffuser bowl begins to circulate. This distributes the hot air evenly throughout your hair.

This is why a hair diffuser is less harmful to your hair. It’s gentler than a direct blow-dry on your hair. The air flow lock your curls to retain their form and reduce unnecessary frizz.


Now that you know how to use a hair diffuser, this is certainly a useful equipment in which you should invest. It gives you the perfect beach waves that you have always wanted.

This tool can help you to keep the curl in your hair and to dry them without adding frizz, even if you have naturally curly hairs.


Does diffusing damage hair?

Diffusing is less harmful to your hair, although using it on maximum heat can damage your hair in the long term. Therefore, use medium or cool heat settings, it can also help you in preventing frizzy hairs.

Who Can Use A Diffuser?

Anyone can use a diffuser attachment however you should get the best results if you have naturally curly hair.

Is it better to air dry or diffuse?

Diffuse is the better option to it will do less damage to your hair compared to air dry. Diffusing makes your hair less frizzy and retains the natural shape of your curls.

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