DIY Polygel Nails: Guide to Apply Polygel Nails At Home

1. Prepare Nails

Get started with the basics – prep your natural nails by cleaning, shaping, and creating a darkened environment to work with light-sensitive poly gel. Ensure a rough surface for better adhesion.

2. Apply Base Coat

Safeguard your natural nails and enhance adhesion by applying the base coat included in your kit. Cure it under a UV/LED lamp, ensuring even application for a solid foundation.

3. Apply Polygel Nails

Achieve flawless nail extensions by applying poly gel to dual forms with precision. Maintain even width and length, eliminating air bubbles with a brush and slip solution.

4. Cure The Nails

Harden polygel nails using LED or UV lamps, with curing times ranging from 30 seconds (LED) to 2 minutes (UV), ensuring a durable, lasting result.

5. Filing

After curing, use a hand file to smooth out any uneven spots on your polygel nails. No e-file is needed as polygel is soft and easy to shape.

6. Finishing

Apply a top coat, be it glossy or matte, for added durability and protection to your polygel nails. A second curing under the nail lamp ensures a flawless finish.

Benefits of Polygel Nails

Polygel combines acrylic's durability with gel's flexibility, offering long-lasting, easily customized nail extensions.

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