6 Quick Steps On How To Wash A Wig At Home

When your crown becomes thinner, there is no need to worry much about it because there are methods that might immediately address this problem. Yes, we are talking about wigs.

Washing your wig helps to make it appear beautiful as long as possible. But how to wash a wig at home to obtain maximum lifespan and the best look. Don’t worry we will help you through this process.

It is essential to wash and care for your hair wig. It not only offers to increase the wig’s life but also prevents your wig from tangling. Washing your wig at home is extremely easy, you just have to follow some simple steps.

How To Wash A Wig : Step By Step Guide

Items Required To Wash A Wig

items required for washing wigs
Wig, brush and flowers in a bucket

All the steps and information is useless unless you have the right tool, so let’s have a quick look at what we have to gather before learning how to wash a wig.

  • Wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush.
  • Wig specific shampoo.
  • Leave in conditioner.
  • A wig stand.
  • A towel.

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Process To Wash A Wig

Many people believe that they may wash their wigs like their natural hair, but that is not the case. Let’s learn how to wash a wig step by step:

Step #1: Detangle Wig Hair

Make sure to brush your wig before you start washing it as you would with your hair. We recommend using either a wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush to make the hairs tangle free.

Place the wig on a flat surface like a table, start to brush from the ends, and proceed to the roots to prevent breakage.

Step #2: Rinse

To rinse it place your wig under the faucet with lukewarm water. You may soak the hairpiece in water and remember not to rub your hairpiece because it may cause tangling and shedding.

Tip: Try to leave the hairnet on, if you have a curly hair wig.

Step #3: Use Shampoo

Next Step in learning how to wash a wig is using a shampoo. Put a little shampoo on the hairpiece. You should use an appropriate high-quality product, which will not harm your wig’s hair.

Tip: Go for circular motions to wash with a sulfate-free or wig special shampoo.

Step #4: Apply Conditioner

Use your favorite leave-in conditioner, detangler, or serum to keep your wig smooth and silky. Avoid roots, and concentrate on wig ends. Use a deep conditioner if hairs are dry or damaged.

  • Take a clean basin and put two containers of conditioner and some water.
  • Keep the hair for approximately two minutes in the clean bowl with conditioner.

Conditioning the hair not only moisturizes the hair but also restores its style.

Step #5: Rinse

Take it out from the basin and rinse it in water. Let the water flow in the same direction of the hair to avoid tangling. Press the hair and squeeze but don’t wring.

Step #6: Dry It

Last step learning how to wash a wig at home is to dry the wig.

  • The water’s weight might stretch the wig’s fibers and damage the style. Wipe the excess water with a towel out of the wig to avoid this.
  • Hang your wig at room temperature loosely on your wig stand. Don’t put a wet wig on the Styrofoam head or a blockhead, because that can stretch your cap.
  • Never comb nor try to dry a wet wig with a blow dryer. Air drying consumes only a few hours but it ensures that fibers look healthy and manageable.
  • Place it on the wig head and allow nature to do the rest.

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How Often To Wash Wig?

how often to wash a wig
Hair wig

It generally depends on how often you wear your wig. After around 25 wears or every 3 to 5 weeks, you wash your wig. But your lifestyle also has a major role in the frequency of washing your wig.

You should wash it more regularly when you have heavy smoke, scents, or strong aromas of any type in your surroundings.

Things To Consider While Washing Your Wig

  • Don’t dry your wig using a hairdryer. It weakens your wig’s strands.
  • Don’t brush your wig’s hair when it’s wet. It can pull the strands out.
  • After cleaning, please do not place your wig on the mannequin head. If you place a wet wig on the head of a mannequin head, the wig will stretch the cap, hence the wig will no longer fit your head.
  • Select the correct wig-type products. If you cannot do so, seek an expert beautician’s help.
  • It takes a lot of time to take care of your wig. So, every time you have to wash your wig, make sure you have enough time in your hand.


Please adore your hairpiece, take care of it carefully to make it appear great and long-lasting. Now you know how often and how to wash your wig at home to make it last longer. If you do this properly, washing your wig isn’t a tough job.

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