6 Quick Step on How To Remove SNS Nails at Home

Cracked, damaged nails form a constant irritation. This one problem just spoils the entire design! The good news is that advancements taking place rapidly and longer-lasting nail products have been launched to give a stronger coat.

Gel nails and SNS dip powder nails are common examples of these lasting nail coatings. But the common question about these is how to remove SNS nails? Take a deep breath and we will tell you the best way to do that.

What Are SNS Nails?

what are sns nails
A girl showing sns nails

SNS is a system involving dipping the nails into color powder. It is one of the newer, alternative nail systems similar to Gel Nails.

Sure, gel nails are amazing, but under an LED nail lamp you typically have to expose your skin to UV rays in order to dry them. That’s not impressive for many of us.

Dip Powder nails differ from the normal polishing of the nails. The SNS is a brand that has begun and promoted the technology of dip powder coating.

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Best Tips On How To Remove SNS Nails At Home

how to remove sns nails
Technician doing nail treatment

You may surely remove it home if you’re not willing to walk into the saloon to get rid of your SNS nails. The nail techs will most likely implement the given process that you can perform at home.

Things require to remove SNS Nails at home

  • Pure Acetone
  • Cotton Balls
  • Paper Towels
  • Nail File/ E- File / Nail Buffer
  • Soaking Dish / Bowl
  • Aluminum Foil

How to remove SNS nails at home

1. File off the topcoat

The first operation is the removal of SNS’s shiny top coating. This will simplify the removal of the powder layers underneath.

Buff the nail with a nail buffer(the pricey instruments they use in the saloon are not required)/nail file or an electric nail file (the pricey instruments they use in the saloon are not required).

2. Soften The SNS nail layers

Put warm or hot water in a bowl. Allow your nails to soak around 15 minutes in the water. This makes the layers soft. Note that after buffing some people can skip the step and go for step number 3.

3. Soak a cotton ball or cotton pad in acetone

To soak your nails, you’ll have to take some acetone, cotton pads, and aluminum foil. For this step, you should use acetone removers since the non-acetone formulas are not powerful enough to remove SNS formulas.

You also want to make sure you have excellent airflow in your room to prevent acetone from breathing; the smell isn’t just wonderful. Start by soaking the cotton pads in the acetone polish remover and place it on each nail directly.

4. Wrap each nail in foil

Place the prepared cotton balls/pads and wrap the aluminum foil around your fingernails on every finger. Make sure that it is properly wrapped otherwise the cotton slides out of the nail.

If you are using pure acetone, let your nails soak for 15-20 minutes – you need to allow the nails to soak a bit longer if you use a standard nail polish remover. This will dissolve all the SNS powder.

5. Gently remove the polish

Check for every nail one by one – the SNS should now be gooey and malleable.  Remove the foil and push the cotton pad slightly over the nail to wipe up the dissolved dipping powder.

If you have trouble removing the SNS, allow your nails to soak a bit longer, then try it again.

6. Give your nails some TLC

After coated with SNS for a long, your nails tend to get hit a little. Use some cuticle oil if possible before repainting your nails.

Try to soak your hands with coconut oil or olive oil once every day for a few days if you do not have any cuticle oil to speed up growth and restore strength to your nails.

How to remove SNS nails with alcohol?

remove sns at home with alchol
A women looking in camera

Alcohol is a good solvent, therefore the technique only makes sense and takes time. Be careful while using alcohol may make you sick. Always Put on a mask.

It is a little different, even though acetone is used in this approach.

Cover all your fingernails with cotton balls. They should hold a lot of the liquid, but be careful not to dip the cotton balls into acetone.

Ensure your nail is fully covered by that transparency and also retains the cotton ball. Wait 15 minutes and let the acetone soak your nails.
Remove the foil and cotton balls, wipe the powder off with the cotton ball and press each nail. File off any residue.


SNS nails should not be removed in a living room: without too much effort at home, they can be removed. In SNS nail removal the main solvent is acetone, though others alternatives are available.

In addition to solvent removers, you may also utilize additional tools to make the removal of SNS nails at home easier and faster. No matter what approach, equipment, or solutions you choose, keep your nails always nourished after they are removed.

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